The name means "he honours advice" or "worshiping advice".
Pronounced "ts:tee-RAHD" (shortly).
Famous bearers:
RNDr. Ctirad Bartko, a Slovak doctor of science
Ctirad Fischer, a Czech teacher of gym master
Ctirad Götz, a Czech stage and television actor
Ctirad Gazda, a Czech Lieutanant-Colonel
Ctirad John, a Czech immunologist and microbilogist
Ctirad Kohoutek, a Czech composer, music theorist, and pedagogue
Ing. Ctirad Kaftan, a Czech engineer
Ctirad Králík, a Czech poet
Ctirad Klimánek, a Czech basketball player
Ctirad Lolek, a Czech politician
Ctirad "Ray" Mašín, known for their armed resistance against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s.
Ctirad Mikeš, a Czech politician
Ctirad Ovčačík, a Czech hockey player
Ctirad Stehlík, a Czech painter
Ctirad Uher, a physicist is an University at the Michigan
Ctirad Václav Pospíšil, a Czech theologist and priest.
Ctirad is also the Slovak name. [noted -ed]

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