Cybill Lynne Shepherd is an American actress, singer and former model. Shepherd's better known roles include Jacy in The Last Picture Show, Kelly in The Heartbreak Kid, Betsy in Taxi Driver, Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting, Cybill Sheridan in Cybill, Phyllis Kroll in The L Word, and Madeleine Spencer in Psych.
In the video game "Silent Hill", Cybil Bennett is a non-playable character that Harry Mason (the protagonist) meets in the town. She is a police officer from the neighboring town of Brahms, and the actions of the player determine her fate.
At least in the case of Cybill Shepherd, the name's most famous bearer, the name is not actually a variant of Sibyl. Rather, it is a combination of the names Cy and Bill, after her grandfather and father, respectively.
Actress Cybill Shepherd is a famous bearer.

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