It looks nice and strong but the pronunciation sounds a bit too much like "day care" to me. Still, it's a good, unique name!
Oh, I really love it! Stream is a wonderful meaning, this is just an amazing, peaceful name that ages very well!
Love it!
I always think this is going to be mispronounced as das-REE sometimes.
I love this name very much! The spelling is cool, streams are peaceful, and just better than weird names like Elijah. Great name that ages very well, and I like the pronunciation. Great name!
I love it. Stream is a great meaning.
It’s cool, strong and masculine. Love it.
Very unique.
It's actually pronounced "Day-Kuh" because in Australia they don't pronounce the "r" so if you say it in a more "English" way it's "Day-ker" but if you really want to say his name right it's pronounced "Day-Kuh" (Also check out his podcast DKMH!)
New and unique, bet nobody even has this name.
Dacre Montgomery (b. 1994), Australian actor known for his role as Billy on Stranger Things.
Dacre is an old family name of the Watson family from West Cumberland. My son, uncle, cousin, grand father etc are all called Dacre.

We tracked its origin down to an ancestor John Watson who married a Mary Daker in the late 18th century. They called their son Daker and two generations later it had morphed to Dacre. [noted -ed]
Dacre Stoker is the great-grandnephew of Bram, the author of Dracula. Charlotte Dacre (born Charlotte King) wrote early Gothic novels, in particular Zofloya (1806).
Pronounced DAY-ker (to rhyme with 'maker').
This was once most common in the north of England especially Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire. A family surname for me, I must admit I'm sad to see it being used on a girl. I had better not tell my grandmother. :)
I know this is historically a masculine name. However, it was my grandmother's middle name, and is now my daughter's first name.
Actually the old Celtic word "Dacre", derives from the ancient Greek word "Dakry" (pronounced "Dakree" in Greek). It meant "drop" in ancient Greek, it means "teardrop" in modern Greek.

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