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Dadash 1
Gender Masculine
Scripts დადაშ(Georgian)
Other Forms Formsდადაში (Dadashi; nominative case). Variant forms: დადეშ (Dadesh), დადიშ (Dadish), Tatash (თათაშ + ტატაშ)

Meaning & History

Apparently means "of the mother" in archaic Georgian. Compare modern Georgian დედა (deda) meaning "mother".

This name is most common in the Georgian region of Svaneti, which is primarily inhabited by the Svans, an ethnic subgroup of Georgians. Their native language is called Svan, and the modern Svan word for "mother" is დედე (dede).

A notable bearer of this name was the 17th-century Georgian prince Dadash Gelovani (also called Dadesh). He was the founder of the House of Dadeshkeliani (a Georgian aristocratic family).
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Dadash 2