Also an Arabic name (داليا), commonly used in Egypt.
My sister's name is Dalia and I think it's a great name and suits her well.
My name is Dalia and I like it because it’s not exotic but it’s very rare to meet another Dalia.
This is my friend's name. It's really pretty, and the meaning "hanging branch" reminds me of a girl that hangs on to all hope, even in the darkest times.
Dalia Mahmoud Quotb El Behery is an Egyptian actress. She won the 1990 title of Miss Egypt, also won 27 place the Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles in the same year.
The name Dalia is such a sweet name. It's very feminine and pretty. :)
Dalia Sofer is an American writer.
Two Israeli famous actresses had/have this delectably beautiful name:
Dalia Penn, who died in 2011, and Daliah Lavi.
This name is really pretty. I seem to have developed a liking for Hebrew and Arabic names.

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