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I found that the name also has a Russian origin meaning "born for battle" or "born to fight"(рожденный для борьбы). Pozdrav iz Srbije.
Daki  7/30/2018
Dalibor Grubačević is a Croatian composer, musician and record producer renowned for his works in the field of film music.
cutenose  2/27/2017
This name is also used in Poland, despite the Polish having their own form for it (Dalebor).
Lucille  4/28/2012
Dalibor of Kozojedy, Bohemian aristocrat and knight († 13. Březen 1498, Prague)
Dalibor Balšínek, Czech editor of People News
Dalibor Bártek, Czech investigative journalist
Dalibor Chatrný, Czech pedagogue
Dalibor Antalík, Czech writer
Dalibor Cidlinský ml., Czech singer
Dalibor Štědronský, Czech yoga instructor
Dalibor Durčák, Czech photographer
Dalibor Dvořák, Czech hockey player
Dalibor Gondík, Czech moderator and actor
Dalibor Konopáč, Czech photographer
MaggieSimpson  8/21/2009
It is a very nice name, but here in Croatia I know one boy who is called Dalibor but we call him Dali.
enchy  2/4/2009
One famous bearer is singer Dalibor Janda, born 23th March 1953 in Hranice.
Maggie_Simpson  2/3/2008
Also used in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/18/2007
Dalibor´s pet forms are Dal(y), Dáda, Daliborek, Dalek, Libor. Pronounced as "Dah-lee-bohr" (short -ee-).
Karcoolka  3/20/2007
Before I met my husband I never knew a Dalibor. It is almost nonexistent in America. However, he informed me it is extremely popular in Serbia - think of it as the Daniel of Serbia. The correct pronunciation is Dal-eee-bor. However, he grew up in America, so he pronounces it Dal-ihh-bor. Two nicknames for Dalibor are Darko - the Serbian nickname, and Dan - the American nickname.
keiralinn  10/10/2006

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