Dali, Didi, Lili, Lida and Liddy are potential nicknames.
Gender: Feminine

Usages: Biblical Greek, Croatian, Czech, Dutch (Rare), Georgian (Rare), Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hungarian

Pronunciation: dah-LEE-dah (Dutch)

Transcription: Δαλιδα (Greek), დალიდა (Georgian), Далида (Russian), Даліда (Ukrainian)

Meaning: Greek form of Delilah (as it first appeared in the Septuagint), which has also spread to Georgia and Slavic countries such as Russia, due to the influence of the Eastern Orthodox Church in these countries. In all other countries, the name most likely came into use due to the fame and popularity of the Italian-Egyptian singer and actress Dalida (1933-1987), who was born as Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti. The name Dalida is often confused with the Armenian and Hebrew name Dalita, which is understandable, given how similar they are in appearance and pronunciation. However, these two names are not related to each other.

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