I think Damaris is a really cool name. It's different and you definitely don't hear it everyday, which I like. I also like that it has a biblical reference, but is not as common as other feminine biblical names like Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth. Not that there's anything wrong with those names (or common names, in general), but I just like rare names that have a beautiful sense of uniqueness, like Damaris. I think it's a good name.
Cows are awesome guys! I love this name!
The English IPA pronunciation is /ˈdæm.ə.rɪs/. [noted -ed]
It's such a beautiful name, but cow?
I think this is a beautiful, classy name. I have only heard it pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable. Some people seem to feel that is a bad thing; I hear the 'dam' as in 'mother of' i.e. a pedigree. With the meaning being tied to wife and heifer that makes sense to me. With its meanings, and the soft sounds in the name, saying it sounds masculine makes no sense to me.
This is my name. It seems there are several ways people pronounce it, but I say it as "Duh-MAH-ris". "duh" as in "dumb", "mah" as in "map", "ris" as in "wrist"-- just to be specific. Emphasis on the second syllable. So not "damn" and not "mare". It is usually said wrong half of the time, but I am used to it and don't mind. It is also nicely said in Spanish, & I have seen/heard of a lot of Hispanic women with this name. I also get a lot of compliments on it, so it's not ugly!
The name Damaris was given to 161 girls born in the US in 2015.
This name both looks and sounds masculine. It makes me think of a black dude when said as "Duh-mare-is".
I've never heard this name pronounced DAM-e-rus. I've always heard da-MAIR-is.
Damaris Phillips is the host of "Southern at Heart" on the Food Network. She won the network's "Next Food Network Star" competition in 2013.

She uses the duh-MAIR-is pronunciation, unfortunately.
I liked this name when I thought it was pronounced "dah-MARE-is," but then I realized it was "DAM-ar-is" and now it seems sort of unfortunate for a little girl.
It's quite likely that this name is from a variation of the Greek word 'damalis' which means "heifer" which was also used to mean "girl" and is influenced by the word 'damar' meaning "wife." [noted -ed]
American supermodel Damaris Lewis (born 1990 in New York City).
My name is Damaris and I love my name. I love how not many people have my name. And if I ever have a daughter I will call her Damaris too. Since my name is Damaris it makes me feel special. A lot of my friends and family loves my name and I think it's really cool.
There's a Song by Patrick Wolf called "Damaris". It's the third single from his fourth album "The Bachelor".
'Damaris bothered the clerks much, and is found indifferently as Tamaris, Damris, Dammeris, Dampris, and Dameris. By James I's day it had become a fashionable name...'
There is a character named Damaris in inkling Charles Williams's novel The Place of the Lion.
My name is Demaris. Spelled slightly different - De instead of Da. This is just another one of many variations for this name. I have always pronounced my name (Deh)-(mare)-(ris), with the most enunciation on the (mare), although it is a quick enunciation, rather than a long, drawn out stress of the syllable. I have a friend who is from Greece, and he pronounces it (Dah)-(mah)-(riz), with a very long stress on the (mah). My friend tells me it's a very common girl's name in many parts of Greece. It is translates like this: From Greek 'Damaris' (calf) or else a diminutive of 'damar' (wife).
In the Bible Damaris is a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. She was an educated woman who heard Paul speak at the Open-air Supreme Court of Athens.

It also holds the meaning: Noble, Gentle

I've seen it used in several novels, There's a Damaris BBQ, Damaris Lingerie. I even saw a local live performance artist named Demaris when I was checking out Ian Cooke (amazing cellist/folk singer).

It's a name that gets people asking questions. Some think it's unique and some think it's strange, but it's mine and I love it.
Damaris is the name of the kender girl Tasslehoff Burfoot is promised to marry in the Dragonlance novel "Kendermore". However, she winds up marrying Tas's Uncle Trapspringer, instead. ;-)
What puts me off of this name is that the first syllable sounds like "damn," and that's the one that's stressed.
I love how mystical this name sounds.
I met a girl with this name and my first impression was that it was weird, but not necessarily in a bad way. And after I discovered it was a Biblical name (I love Biblical names, probably because my parents named me and all my five siblings Biblical names), I started to really like it.
There is a spelling of this name, Demerus, that means "of the sea" in Latin. I believe, for that meaning, Domeric is a Greek variation.
Demarus (ouch) cannot mean "of the sea" in Latin. De mari would mean "from the sea", and maris would mean "of, or belonging to, the sea", but of course they've both got nothing to do with Damaris. Anyway, if Demarus existed, it would be a male name.
Demaris is a variation used in my family tree.
Pretty name. I had read on another website that this name is Greek meaning gentle girl.
I first heard this name when I was about 11 or 12 and read the Janette Oke book "A woman called Damaris". I loved it IMMEDIATELY. The author said where to find this name in the Bible, I looked, found it. Then when I was older I studied out the scripture this name is found within. I found that the name doesn't mean just heifer, but also meant "Gentle and kind". The other name mentioned in the scripture was Dionysus, which meant "reveler; womanizer; drunkard". This spoke to me that the love of God and His salvation is for all, no matter what walk of life. I have decided that when I have children, if I have a daughter I would name her Damaris Ariane meaning "gentle gift of God".
A book by Janette Oke is called A Woman Named Damaris. Damaris is, obviously, the name of the main character.

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