Damiano David is the lead singer of the Italian rock band Måneskin, the winners of Eurovision 2021.
Damiano Damiani (23 July 1922 – 7 March 2013) was an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor and writer. Poet and director Pier Paolo Pasolini referred to him as "a bitter moralist hungry for old purity", while film critic Paolo Mereghetti said that his style made him "the most American of Italian directors". In 1946 Damiano Damiani became part of the so-called Group of Venice with Fernando Carcupino, Hugo Pratt and Dino Battaglia.
Damiano Mazza (active 1573–1590) was an Italian Renaissance artist. He lived in the Venetian city of Padua, 40 km west of Venice. It is known that he studied under Titian.
In Poland it's said daym-yawn-oh.
Damiano is the Italian form of Latin Damianus, known to the meaning "To Tame, To Subdue" and euphemistically, "To Kill."
The proper Italian pronunciation:


"A"s are always pronounced as in "Father", (Da). Stress "I" in "Mi" to "EE. Again, "A" equals "Ah". And I do believe all English speakers can accomplish the next part... "No", simply.

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