A LOT better than Danny, but too plain.
Oh my :(
This name sounds like the d word, the one beavers make? Yeah... :'(
A famous bearer was Dan II, a voivode of Walachia.
Not used in Poland. [noted -ed]
I definitely like this name better than Danny, although it is kinda too common. Like Nick or Joe.
I think this is a better nickname than Danny, although I prefer Daniel.
Daniel "Dan" Kuso is the main protagonist of the anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers.
Daniel James "Dan" Howell is an English YouTuber. His YouTube channel, danisnotonfire, has over four million subscribers.
Daniel "Dan" Auerbach, lead singer of The Black Keys, and Daniel "Dan" Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons.
Let's not be forgetting Lieutenant Dan, the character from the book Forrest Gump and later the movie Forrest Gump and still later the namesake of the band (which was not called Forrest Gump. But you knew that).
This is certainly a much more mature nickname than Danny and a rather safe and unannoying (if that's a word) nickname for Daniel, but it should only be a nickname for Daniel, not the full first name of a person. It's too minimalist for that. There are plenty of guys called Dan, but I do have to say that the columnist Dan Savage has ruined this name for me.
I like Daniel better.
Dan Bâlan writes many of the songs for the Moldovan musical group O-zone.
Dan Truhitte played "Rolf" in The Sound of Music.
Dan Castellaneta plays Homer Simpson on "The Simpsons."
Also means: any of 12 levels of proficiency at the grade of black belt in martial arts such as judo and karate.
Dan I and Dan III were two men who tried to claim the throne of Wallachia, Romania from prince Vlad Dracula.

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