Dani is also used in the country of Georgia, where it is either a diminutive or a short form of დანიელ (Daniel).

In Georgian, Dani is written as: დანი.

Sources used:
- (general): (lists only bearers living in Georgia)
- You can also find a good amount of bearers on Facebook. Here are some examples of bearers that I found on there (for privacy reasons, I will refrain from directly linking to their profiles):

• Dani Amirana.shvili
• Dani Failo.dze
• Dani Jana.shvili
• Dani Kavtara.dze
• Dani Kosa.shvili
• Dani Mestia.shvili
• Dani Mirua.shvili
• დანი საფარი.ძე (Dani Safari.dze or Sapari.dze)
• Dani Saxela.shvili
• Dani Soxa.dze
• Dani Tsetskhla.dze
• Dani Ustara.shvili
• Dani
• Dani Zoi.dze
• Dani Zuraba.shvili

NOTE: all of these people have a public profile, i.e. apparently they do not mind being searchable and googleable.
Daniel Rovira de Rivas, better known as Dani Rovira, is a Spanish comedian and actor.
It's also use as a nickname of 'Daniel' in Spanish.
Daniel "Dani" Pedrosa (Ramal) is a famous MotoGP rider, who somehow shares my b'day! I love this name for a boy but for a girl I prefer Dana or Dania.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.

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