Dania Ramirez (Born: November 8, 1979) is an American TV and film actress.
I am named Dania, it means close to the heart in Arabic and it is written in the Qur'an. In Hebrew it means God is my judge. Its pronounced Dan-Yah just like Tania but replace the T with D and there is a beach named Dania which is kinda awesome. If you are named Dania and live in a country which this name is kinda uncommon its normal if allot of people cant pronounce it for exemple I get called Talia Tania Diana Nadia Dana and even Daniella or Danielle or they prounouce it Don-ya Don-yuh, Day-na.
I know a Russian boy who uses it as a nickname for Daniel.
One of my classmates has this name, and she's the first Dania that I've met. I think it's really pretty and stands GREAT on its own, rather than a nickname for another name.
My friend has this name, and she pronounces it DAWN-ya.
This is my middle name. My parents pronounce it Dah-nee-ah, but I've only heard Day-nee-ah by others.

There is a town in Florida, USA called Dania.
This name can also be spelled Danya.
I would use it ONLY as a nickname for Daniela.
The name Dania (or Dana) can also mean someone who is from Denmark. Denmark is a very small country but used to include both Sweden and Norway and a lot of Germany. Back then, the country was known as "Dania".

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