Also Albanian:
Swedish Singer Slowgold's full name is Amanda Daniela Werne Scholtbach.
Last year (2021) 20 baby girls in Poland were given the name Daniela and 47 were given this name as a middle name. As of January this year, there are 20543 women with this name in Poland. Data about middle names in the whole population for this year still don't seem to be available, but last year there were 11623 women with this middle name in Poland.
I think it's so beautiful and elegant in my opinion. I like Danielle though. I love it. :D.
The name Daniela is gorgeous. It is very elegant and sweet. I like it very much.
I love this! It's very pretty and soft, with an elegant feel to it. It's also very cute, and it's also fancy. I love the nickname Dani as well! I prefer this to Daniella and Danielle, but they are also both beautiful!
I don't dislike this name, but I like Danielle better.
I can't explain how much I love this! Pretty and elegant, with a soft feel, and it's really cute, and very formal as well perfect for meeting new people! It ages very well! AND I LOVE THE NICKNAME DANI!
Feels plain and boring, like some sound is missing or something. It's not that bad, just, there are many better names than this.
A very pretty and elegant name. It's also used across different cultures, which is nice.
Very dated!
Daniela is also Swedish. The name day for Daniela in Sweden is December 11.
12/30/2020 CorrectionDaniela is also a Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Slovene (used alongside Danijela and Daša in Slovenia) given name. The name day for Daniela in Finland is December 11. The name day for Daniela in Sweden is December 11.Sources:
Yes, this name is a beautiful one. And I´m mot just saying it because it´s my name. I´m saying it because it is. And did you know that ¨Daniela¨ means ¨God is my judge¨? A beautiful meaning, don´t you think? Also, two nicknames that people have given due to my name are ¨Dany¨ and ¨Dan¨. Even though I feel like ¨Dan¨ is more for a boy... And according to me, ¨Daniela¨ is actually Hebrew...
Really like this name.
Also Slovene:
Also Sicilian:
Actually, I love Danielle, Daniella, and Daniela equally! :D.
Daniela is so pretty! I prefer this to Daniella or Danielle. :)
Also Hebrew (Modern).Scripts: דניאלה. [noted -ed]
7/3/2020 CorrectionAlso Hebrew (Modern) and Arabic (Modern). Daniela is used alongside Dana in Israel.Scripts: דניאלה (Hebrew), دانييلا (Arabic).
I like this name a lot, even though I've recently met a woman with this name whom I really dislike, and it's not really often for me to dislike people that much, so I hope I won't have bad associations with this name. Well I mean I already do, but so far I still can appreciate its beauty. I think I prefer Daniella or Danielle a bit more, or very similar sounding but of course not etymologically related Daniela, and I dislike most of the nicknames for this name. But still, I do like it. When I try to imagine a Daniela - like just a random person with this name, trying not to be biased by that strange lady I know - I see a woman who can be somewhere in between her 20's-40's, I can easily imagine a woman with this name both as young and middle-aged. She has long, very dark hair, dark complexion and skin, and big, dark, almond-shaped eyes. I can imagine her being any height. But she's very attractive and knows it. She can be a little bit vain, and has a very high self-esteem, sometimes too high. She likes flirting, knows everything about make up and cosmetics and likes to be beautiful and in the centre of attention. Sometimes she likes a bit of drama, especially if she creates it itself, it's because her imagination is very vivid, she's intelligent and has great acting skills, and just needs an outlet for them plus craves attention. She is quite egocentric and might sometimes appear egoistical, but she's not cold-hearted and uninterested in others, just too absorbed with herself at times. She has a deep feeling that she is a very special person, like that she has some special mission in the world, or is better than anyone else in some particular sphere, usually either intellectual or regarding her appearance. She's very sensitive and it's easy to hurt her feelings, and she doesn't forgive easily. She feels everything very intensely and is often rebellious. She's an extrovert but has phases when she wants only her own company and when she retreats to her inner world. She has a good sense of humour and can be a social butterfly if she wants, however she might be a bit moody, and complain easily. She's a pessimist by nature, and needs someone who would support her and love her unconditionally. If she feels it's worth it, she's capable of unusual sacrifices or heroic deeds, but normally she doesn't have very high demands for herself. She is artsy and doesn't like too much discipline or regime, she's quite a hedonist. That's just how I imagine a person with this name, not how I think all Danielas are or should be.
Daniela Sörensen, also known simply as Daniela, is a Swedish singer.
In Poland, overall, Daniela isn't a very common name that you'd hear regularly, not quite as popular as Daniel is, yet it's not unheard of. Daniela's name day is on 10th December, or possibly on one of Daniel's name days as well. Some potential nicknames include Danielka, Danielcia, Dana, Danka, Danusia, Ela, Elka, Elunia... Last year (2018) there were 23 girls born in Poland who were given the name Daniela, so the name was on the 221th place in the girls' ranking. There were also 3 Daniellas, as opposed to 713 Daniels among the boys.
Daniela Ospina is a Colombian volleyball player. She is the sister of Colombian professional footballer David Ospina and wife of Colombian professional footballer James Rodríguez.
Daniela Mercury is a Portuguese Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, actress and television host. In her solo career, Mercury has sold over 20 million records worldwide and had 24 Top 10 singles in the country, with 14 of them reaching #1. Winner of a Latin Grammy for her album Balé Mulato – Ao Vivo, she also received six Prêmio de Música Brasileira, an APCA award, three Multishow Awards and two awards at VMB: Best Music Video and Photography.
I like two L's.
It is also used in Greek, a variant of Daniella. Its script is Δανιέλα.
I find Daniela pretty, but think it's nicer with two L's.
That's my name and I am proud to be me. I am happy to be Daniela.
I really like my name. It seems nice and it's easy to say but it's also popular in Latvia.
This is also a very common Polish female name, pronounced dah-NYEH-lah. Its coarse diminutive is Danka and its gentler pet name is Dania.
The diminutive of Daniela in Spanish isn't "Dania" it's "Dani" or "Danita".
There is a famous bearer I know:
Daniela Lujan, participated in the Mexican telenovela Complices Al Rescate, after Belinda left.
This is my big sister's name. I love this name it's so pretty and fits my sister perfectly she is like a model and this name adds to her awesome personality. I would give this as a middle name for my kid, but not as a first name because I already have a problem with my family and names so closer together, and it gets very confusing. But for some reason this name reminds me of a flower.
Also used in Croatia as a variant of Danijela.
I'm surprised that Daniela isn't more popular, considering how pretty it is, but it's a good thing.
Daniela Aedo is a Mexican actress, probably best-known for her portrayal of Dulce Maria in the telenovela 'Carita de Angel'.
In Italy Daniela was overused in the third quarter of the 20th century. It was the 4th most popular name in Rome in 1951 (behind Patrizia, Paola and Annamaria), the 3rd in 1956 (behind Patrizia and Paola), the 5th in 1961 (behind Patrizia, Paola, Antonella and Cinzia), the 3th in 1966 (behind Alessandra and Paola) and the 10th in 1971. Nowadays it is not very popular.
This name makes me think of Romanian gymnast Daniela Silivas.
A customer I waited on has a daughter named Daniela (Dan-yay-luh). I think it's a pretty name. Dani would be a cute nickname. Daniela is a classy name & is a nice alternative to Danielle.
Though in German "ie" is normally pronounced like a long "ee" in most words, the name Daniela is not pronounced that way. I guess it is because of the origin of the name: Hebrew, not German (The name would be spelled Danila, without the e, if you pronounced it as it is said on this website.)
It is very similar to the Polish pronunciation.
Daniela in German is pronounced "Dahn-ye-lah". The first a is like the u in the word stuck (I couldn't think of a better example, sorry). The emphasis lies on the e (Dahn-yE-lah. The last syllable is pronounced like you would in the Enlgish pronunciation of the name. [noted -ed]
Czech tennis player Ivan Lendl & Samantha Frankel have a daughter Daniela Lendl, born 1994.
What a pretty name! I especially like the German pronunciation. This is definitely a name I would consider using.
I think the name Daniela is strange and delicate. I'm really sorry that in the last years the popularity of the name is so big. It would be more nice if the name was a rare one. :) But I guess many people like it. It's a beautiful name for a girl. ; My opinion is that 'Daniel', 'Dan' or 'Dana' doesn't sound so good as 'Daniela'. It's a complex name.
A famous bearer is Slovak tennis player Daniela Hantuchová, born 23th April 1983, Poprad, Czechoslovakia.
Has also been used on girls in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
It's also pronounced like Dan-yel-a in English.
My son is called Daniel but Daniela is horrible.
Daniela Denby-Ashe is a British actress best known for her roles as Sarah Hills in 'EastEnders', Janey Harper in 'My Family' and Margaret Hale in 'North and South.'
Listen to the German pronunciation of Daniela here:
My best friend is named Daniela and she is Italian with tan skin brown eyes and hair and is really pretty. I love her name, it's really pretty and it goes great with her middle name May.
Daniela Peštová is a Czech model. Daniella Evangelista is a Canadian model.
Lovely name!
This name is very much used in Israel too.
I love the name Daniela! That's my sister's name and you can't go wrong with it. Always reminds of someone sweet with a wonderful sense of humor. Also, a famous bearer of this name is a Brasilian singer: Daniela Mercury.
Well, as it's my name I won't say anything bad about it. The only thing I dislike is, that it's just a little bit too common for my taste. DANIELA seemed to be "THE NAME" for parents giving it to their children when I was born. But, after all, it could have been worse...
It's beautiful and pretty.
The name DANIELA is unique and really nice. When you say Daniela you are thinking in beauty.

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