In Brazil, Daniele is typically a Feminine name used as a feminine form of Daniel that's modeled on Danielle, making it a variant of Daniela.
This name first became popular in Brazil in the 1980s with 97,275 girls born in total with the name Daniele.
A total of 46,398 girls in Brazil was given the name Daniele in the 2000s
All of the info was taken from (Just type Daniele in the 'enter name' section for each gender and see...)Two feminine Brazilian bearers of the name
-Daniele Suzuki Hypólito
Also Corsican:
DANIELE can also be used as a FEMININE name as a variant of DANIELLE, making it UNISEX (See the comment below).
Here's PROOF the name can be FEMININE. is NOT to be confused with DANIÈLE which is a DIFFERENT version of DANIELLE.
Daniele Toshiko Suzuki Novaes is a Brazilian actress and TV host. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Daniele Toshiko Suzuki Novaes is the daughter of Hiroshi Suzuki, a second-generation Japanese Brazilian from São Paulo, whose parents immigrated from Shizuoka. Her mother is Ivone Suzuki, a Brazilian from Minas Gerais, of Italian, German and Amerindian descent. Her father walked out on her family when she was 15 and moved back to São Paulo. Suzuki was raised in Rio de Janeiro by her mother and grandmother and faced financial difficulties; she had to live at her mother's friend home because her father sold the family house, leaving them with no options. Suzuki said about this period that she "didn't go angry because she always had supporting friends". Since then, she reportedly rarely sees her father.
My name is Daniele - and I am female and German.I'm pretty sure in the 1960's it was not common knowledge that it was originally a male name.
Daniele Buetti is a Swiss modern artist. He's wonderful and very thought-provoking.
The pronunciation is dah-NYEH-leh. [noted -ed]
In Italy, no doubt that Daniele is a totally masculine name. The feminine is Daniela. Daniele was not much used in the past, it became fashionable in the 1970s: it was the 4th most popular name (behind Alessandro, Marco and Andrea) in Rome in 1976, the most popular in 1981, the 3rd most popular in 1986 behind Andrea and Marco, the 6th in 1991, the 11th in 1994. Today it is still rather popular: it ranks 22nd of the most popular names in Italy in 2004 and 2006.
Hmmm. Interesting. This name is masculine? It looks, to me, like a variant spelling of Danielle, which is definitely feminine.

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