Daniil Medvedev is a Russian tennis player.
Also Ukrainian, spelled Даніїл :
@Frollein Gladys is right, this name is Ukrainian, too.Scripts: Даніїл (Ukrainian)
Also Belarusian, spelled Данііл : [noted -ed]
Daniil Strakhov is a Russian actor. Internationally, he is the best known for his role of Vladimir Ivanovich Korf in the television series Poor Nastya and Captain Lisnevsky in the film Transit.
Modern Greek name: Δανιήλ. Greek feminine forms can be Daniella or Daniela (Δανιελλα/Δανιελα).
This name is also used in Modern Greek. [noted -ed]
Popular like crazy in Russia at the moment. All of a sudden it's top 5. My husband was named Daniil 30 years ago, and he was the only one around for a long-long time. Now there are little Daniils everywhere you go)
Short diminutive is Danya. My Spanish-speaking friend always feels a bit funny about it, cause Danya seems to be a girl name in Spanish))
Science fiction and fantasy author Sergei Lukyanenko named his son Daniil.
This is also the Romanian form.

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