I like my spelling better, but okay.
My nickname is Danni. Some people call me Dee or Dan.
I knew a girl called Danni who committed suicide because she thought her name was a man's name. She also got bullied really bad for having a boy's name so parents please think twice before you call your kids Danni.
Danni Quee could be considered a famous bearer of this name.
Sounds so much prettier and nice when you spell it this way. Dani sounds too much like a stripper. But it's a nicer spelling overall anyway.
Danni Boatwright was Miss Kansas USA. She also appeared on Survivor: Guatemala and won the million dollars.
The funny thing is, I seriously love my name which is Dani, this spelling though is very annoying to me. What is REALLY hate is Dannii. Please don't use double letters for Dani, people!
I'd hate to be stuck with this cutesy spelling and immature name as a woman in my forties. In fact, I'd hate to be stuck with it now, at 23. I only like Dan for guys named Daniel anyway. Danny is too boyish, Danni girly and infantile.
Danni Minogue, Kylie Minogue's younger sister, is a famous bearer of this name.
I really love this name! But I would use it for a boy.

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