Dara دارا can also be transcribed as Daara (already among the submitted names).
Felie  2/5/2020
I like both pronunciations (Dah-Rah and Dare-Rah). But I prefer the Dare-rah pronunciation.
Luvbug86  3/23/2019
Dara in Hebrew means "Compassion or Pearl of Wisdom"
Dara in Turkish and Punjabi means "Leader"
Dara in Swahili means "The beautiful one"
Dara in Indonesian means "Girl, Virgin, or young woman"
Dara in Khmer means "Star"
Dara in Persian means "Wealthy"
dara  12/25/2013
My name is Dara and I'm American and my parents raised me to pronounce my name "D-air-ah" same way you pronounce Sarah Cara.
dara  12/25/2013
Dara Torres- Famous 5 time Olympic USA swimmer, model, TV personality. (Fist swimmer from the USA to compete in Olympics; Former Volleyball player)
Dara Obriain- Irish Comedian and TV host/presenter.
Dara Singh- Indian wrestler and had prominent career in Bollywood.
Dara Macleon- Contemporary Christian singing artist.
dara  12/25/2013
I love this name, I am proud to carry it. I am American and have no idea how my mom found this name but I think it is very unique and has a lot of origins and is very simple and pretty. The name definitely stands out from others. Growing up, people always had a hard time pronouncing it, but I think they are not used to seeing it, so their brains went dumb, it's really not that complicated! But I could care less how anyone pronounced it, I still love it either way because you still spell it D-a-r-a. My name makes me feel mysterious, I'm in love!
dara  12/25/2013
Pronounced "dah-rah".
Emilie007  9/8/2008

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