I like it better without the “e” (like Jane Austen’s character), but a nice name none the less.
Why is this name listed as "English (Rare)" when it's been in the top 500 for England and Wales since 1998? [noted -ed]
A cute dog's name. I always hear dogs called this and it suits them well.
Darcey is simply the most beautiful name hence my daughter being called Darcey. We always get loads of compliments on he name as its so rare but also old and strong. Being of French decent it was absolutley fitting for our daughter. Darcey was referred to as chavvy something you would hear in essex on a different site but I couldnt disagree more. We live in chelsea and it's a very elegant name.
Actress Miranda Otto has a daughter named Darcey, born in 2005.
Darcey Bussell (born 1969 in London) was a Principal Ballerina with The Royal Ballet.
This is my name, though mine's spelled Darci. All variations of it seems to be fairly uncommon.

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