This is the female version of Darroch/Darius, cool name.
According to Orthodox Christian ecclesiastical traditions, Daria is venerated as a Virgin-Martyr alongside Saint Drosis.
A popular MTV show and great Cake song, anyone named Daria should prepare for always having their name mispronounced. From using a short vs. long A to being called Darla, Dara, Dora, or even David. Also prepare for the potential of the Beavis and Butthead taunt of Diarrhea.It’s not an easy name to have as a child, but it’s unique and filled with quiet grace. I’d want no other name.
As someone who struggled with making friends and felt like an outcast in high school, I resonated with the titular character from the show Daria immediately. She is a great role model for anyone who feels socially out of place! This name is underrated and definitely deserves to be used more, I would love to see more little Darias running around. And for anyone who thinks Daria sounds like "diarrhea", it is a beautiful, unique name and I never would have thought of that if it weren't for Beavis and Butthead. Daria is 3 syllables, diarrhea is 4. This is one of my favorite names and I hope that I will have a daughter someday so I can name her after the girl who showed me how to be myself without caring what others think!
This name is sophisticated and gorgeous.
The ratings are so low for such a pretty name!
I personally don't like the name. In the past, I used to hate it, then I kind of liked it because I found out that in Valyrian (A Game of Thrones language) it means "Queen". However, I keep hating it despite not being such an ugly name. I think part of my hate for it, comes from the fact that Americans pronounce it wrong, almost as if they were saying "diarrhea". I luckily have more names but I will still change this one in a few years.
Also Sicilian:
I think of either diarrhea or dairy when I hear it.
Why is the rating so low? Daria is pretty! It reminds me of butterflies.
Also:Usage: German, Swedish, Danish, NorwegianPronounced: DA-rya (German), DA-ri-a (Swedish)
Daria is also a common Russian name. The Russian diminutive form is Dasha. [noted -ed]
"DAR-Yah" = Sounds like a southern American with a thick country accent, saying: "DIARRHEA."-I like DAR-E-Uh/Ah, much better.
From what I have read, the name Daria means:
Maintains possessions well, and wealthy.
This is one of my favourite names!
To those of you that say in your comments that you got teased because of your name, I'm really sorry :(
I personally think this is a very unique, natural, and beautiful name.
My name is Daria, I love this name because it is not a common name. I have received many beautiful complement because of my name.
Not very pretty.
I was thin skinned, got hurt easily, or is it that offensive people are plain no good. Whatever, I still got hurt because I don't engage in making fun of names, etc. I just wanted to feel new, so I changed Daria to Kristaria.
I was named Daria, mom thought it was beautiful. However by the time I turned 40, I legally changed it to
Kristaria, kept the aria part and put the Kris part because Kris is common enough for the public to catch on and not hurt my feelings. Many times people could not grasp it and of course I heard diarrhea, and derrière, but that's life- people are nuts, so anyway people tend to love Kristaria, sometimes confuse it with Christine, but at least Christine can't sound like diarrhea. Sometimes I used to hear Deirdre too, which I also like, but not to hurt mom I kept the aria part, etc.
My names Daria and it’s my favorite name, I hated it as a kid as it was unique and I wanted a name like Britney, but I’m 18 now and I adore the name. I can’t believe all the hate it’s getting in these comments and also saying it’s weird for non Russians to be named it, like that makes no sense! I think it’s one of the most beautiful names there is, everyone I knew growing up would always say it sounded like a princess name, and all my friends told me how pretty it was. I’ve never had anyone call me diarrhea or make fun of my name and I’ve never met anyone who thinks it sounds like Diarrhea. I don't know, maybe it’s just social etiquette, but I don’t see my other friends being told by strangers that they have a really pretty name so I believe these people genuinely like my name. I don't know why in this particular thread it’s getting so much hate but from my life experience everyone has always told me I had a beautiful name. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told at Starbucks how pretty my name is when I give them my name for my order. So to anyone who likes this name but might worry about naming their kids Daria because of all the negative opinions on the name in the comments, just know that I’ve never had this problem and if anything, like I have said, I’ve actually found that people really like my name.
Daria is a lovely name and I love Dasha as a nickname.
Daria in Spanish, American, and German means rich. Irrespective of all the origins, the meaning of this name is same.
I don't know how a name that isn't indigenous can have an "American" name meaning. And any website that has "baby" in the title has dubious name definitions, at best, please don't trust them.
Daria is the name of several minor queens in books by Gail Carson Levine.
The name Daria was given to 125 girls born in the US in 2015.
This name is originally *Persian*, and it is the WORD for SEA in Farsi. It's exactly as if you were to name your child "Sea" in English! :)So, the meaning is far vaster and greater than anything you might have read!Source: I'm a Persian-American born with this name. To demonstrate, people can be talking about going to the beach (we just call it sea) and I might turn my head, thinking they called me over.All other languages (Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arab) have adopted this name from Persia. Despite what the meaning in these languages ("kingly, wealthy") as well as the English encylopedia says, Daria is NOT a variant of the famous ancient Persian King Darius!
In our culture, Darius (really "Dariush," pronounced Daareeoosh) is a COMPLETELY different name & sound from Daria, the word for Sea. Ask any Persian person you meet what Daria means. :)
I regrettably changed this beautiful name as a teenager, because in English, the beauty from its meaning the sea is not apparent and it is also NOT pronounced the way English speakers intuit it. The pronunciation uses sounds/sound pairings completely unfamiliar to the English language, so it is difficult to convey as well as to say.Some notes on the actual pronunciation
1) There is no long "e" sound in the middle, like in Maria. At all. It's more like Dar-Ya. That's it. Just two syllables, as in Darla.
2) The first A in "Dar" is a short vowel, NOT a long vowel (so, not like Darla :)). It is not like the "a" in "Bar," but like the "a" in "Dad" or "Map"! There's a very aaaaaaahhhh sound (like yelling aah, but more like the melodic, sensuous sigh of relief when stretching!)
3) The "R" sound in Farsi/Persian is slightly rolled, but more importantly, in the back of the throat. When English speakers try to pronounce my name correctly with the correct A it sounds more like "Dehr-ia." Dehr like the first part of "Merry."
2) The "Ya" is staccato.You can listen to singer Googoosh say it in the old song, "Dokhtare Darya," meaning "Girl of the Sea," ie. Mermaid. :) said, having grown up being called Daria like on the MTV show by the name, I do now have a soft spot for the English pronunciation as well! I think it sounds bold, earnest and daring. I've had friends that prefer to call me by my Persian name, not the name I have now, due to its originality!
DARIA is a little bit harsh and quite common, I think DERYA is unique, beautiful and has a better meaning. It means sea, ocean in Turkish.
I am Russian, married and living in Germany. We called our daughter Daria Beatrix. She is wonderful. We are calling her Daria Beatrix pervaja velikaja (first and great!). Name is rare here however it seems to be well accepted and not questioned too much. Our child seems to be proud of her name, however as you know most of girls in the age of 3-5 in these days prefer to be called Anna or Elsa because of the FROZEN movie for kids (:
Daria is my mother's name. I like it, it has a nice sound, it's short and easy to pronounce as well. She doesn't like it very much though. She says she has grown used to it, but wouldn't have any problem making a name change. Other people like family and friends like it as well. Only she doesn't. It has a nice meaning.
I like the name Daria. I have a friend named that but she used to get teased about it and changed it to Darree. I like both.
Daria Mikhalevich is a popular and talented Russian photographer, blogger and a very interesting person.
The name Daria was given to 89 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
The set Italian pronunciation is "DAHR-Yah"-- incorrectly. While yes, I understand that to a large collection of ears it may sound as so... But I assure you that there is no slurring of "Ria" (REE-Ah) to "Ryah." Dah-REE-AhThe "A" in "Da" is spoken as "Father." Roll your "R." Next, stress your "I" to "EE." And as previously stated, "A" is as in "Father."
Wow, this name has extremely terrible ratings. Personally, I think it's rather nice.
Also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Ekaterina Alexandrovna Gordeeva, a famous pairs skater from Russia (her late husband Sergi Grinkov and she won two Olympic golds, and he later died at 28 on the ice), has a daughter named Daria Sergeyevna Grinkova.
Meanings of the name can change due to time and sensibilities of the culture. Two more meanings of Darya include:1. A name of Greek and Latin origin meaning "rich".
2. Wealthy; Upholds The GoodIn regards to the Hebrew language, his interpretation of the name is valid and adds another meaning to the name, because of how it is spelled. It is up to the user to decide when there are choices.
Czech lawyer Klára Veselá-Samková and Indian activist Ivan Veselý have a daughter Daria Veselá.
The name sounds quite blatantly Russian to me despite the awesome cartoon character Daria, so it sounds a tad out of place on people who don't have Russian or East European heritage. It's a pretty name, though, and I loved the cartoon. It rarely happens that the spin-off series is better than the series it sprung off from, and Beavis and Butthead was great!
It is pronounced in Romanian the same as it is in Italian and Polish. [noted -ed]
There is a character in "Beavis and Butthead" named Daria, she is smart, sarcastic, and is somewhat cocky.
I think Daria is a really cool name. Not many people have it and it's very pretty. Plus, Daria Morgendorffer is one of the most awesome, intelligent, and hilarious cartoon characters ever invented.
Personally, I don't like the name Daria that much. I just don't think that it sounds nice. But, I absolutely adore the show Daria about a very sarcastic teenage girl. I'm pretty sure they don't play it anymore but it rocks.
Daria Nicolodi (born 19 June 1950) is an Italian actress.
Daria Smolka was winner of "Supermodel of Russia 2003" contest.
Daria Komarkova is a Russian model.
Daria in Hebrew means God inhabits/dwells/lives (amongst...) with the combination Dar (dwell/inhabit/live) and Ya which means God.
"Darya" means pearl of wisdom in Hebrew. I don't know where your information comes from, but it's false. The early Hebrew form of God was "Yah" and not "Ya."
The name "Daria" has no connotation to God. It is strictly of Persian origin - Darayavaush, which means a person who keeps peace or has peace within him. Please don't add theism to a perfectly decent secular baby name.
First of all the name is biblical so it's not completely a secular name.
Secondly the information I contributed is true information, I personally know a few girls that bear it with the theistic meaning, but it's rare.
Daria means "pearl of wisdom" in Hebrew. The origin of the name came before Christianity - it can be found in Greece and Persia in the BC (or BCE) era. See the definition of "Darius" and "Dara" for more information.
Nice name but I prefer Dara.
It makes me think of dairy.
"Daria", also spelled "Darya", is a Persian name meaning "sea".
Daria Werbowy is a Canadian supermodel. She's so cool!
It was my name you know and I'm very proud of it!
There are a lot of pet names for Darya in Russian: Dasha, Dashen'ka, Daryushka, Dashunya, Dashechka, Danya... It's a lovely name to have. :)
The name Daria is popular in Russia. The short form is Dasha.
Daria Morgendorffer: The name of the main character in the animated television show "Daria".

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