Darin Lee Kendrick was an American murder victim, killed in 1980 by serial killer William Bonin.
The name is pronunced as "Darr-in" in Sweden.
The name Darin (Дарин) is from Slavonic origin, comes from "Dar", which means "gift". There is a feminine form Darina ( Дарина). А common name in Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe.
The name Darin was given to 85 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Singer Bobby Darin.
Darin is a famous singer in Sweden.
I once had a Lebanese girl in my class, whose name was Darin.
"Darin" is also a Bulgarian male name. Its meaning is connected with the Bulgarian word "dar", which means "gift", and because Jesus Christ is "a Gift of God", in Bulgaria "Darin" and the other names beginning with "dar" have a nameday on 25th December.
Personal impression: A lover but also a bringer of darkness and hate. Very emotional. Loves and is always hurt but moves on.
This name is from ancient Egypt.

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