My name is Deena Darlene. And I LOVE MY NAME it has so much energy and vibrance. I was named after Dena and her sister Darlene. Both whom are extremely spunky, caring & loving women. My mother's middle name is also Darlene, so I cherish every thought and meaning that this name may have. Despite all the negative repercussions, and OPINIONS of those idiots that allow television to manipulate their logic and ruin their taste in everything due to the fact these type of people are the type that are just like a marionette (puppet) everything they think, eat, wear is governed by what others are doing on television. Sad if you ask me. I however, am a fan of totally unique and custom names. I like not to be just like everyone else and I kept it that way while naming my children as well. May DARLENE live on forever!
Darlene isn't an ugly name. It's just an old lady name. I've never known anyone under 60 with this name.
I for one am called Darlene and I think it’s so disrespectful to think that Darlene is an ugly name. To just make stupid silly assumptions is wrong and very hurtful. Darlene has a beautiful meaning: ‘Little Darling’. No name is ugly PERIOD. Every name is beautiful and I’m proud to have such a name.
Well I think Darlene is a beautiful name. Original, distinctive and charming. I don't understand why people seem to hate it so much. In my opinion, it is a name that should be considered more.
It's very tender of a name. Love the meaning.
Darlene is a pretty name. Not to mention kinda unique. You people need to learn the difference between stating an opinion and being straight up disrespectful.
I’d only use this name if someone gave me a billion bucks for it.
So American.
Darlene sounds like the name of a spunky Southern belle. I do like Darline (it looks more elegant) as an alternate.
It's made up and the fact that the first part comes from the word "darling" just makes it worse.
Okay, I wanna bet that if someone becomes famous and has the name Darlene you all are gonna start loving it so stop hating because some people start naming their kids unique names.
My wife’s name is Darline, spelled with an “i” instead of an “e”. I love this name! It’s a very rare, but beautiful name. I’ve never met anyone else named Darline/Darlene. It makes her unique and fun.
Hi, I'm a girl named Darlene and I don't really appreciate any of you people hating on the name, if you don't like it keep it to yourself. How would you feel if people were saying your name sounded bitchy or weird? I love my name because of how unique it is so if you have to say something rude just write it down in a journal and keep it to yourself please and thank you have a good day!
Seems kind of hillbilly. It brings to mind a redneck mother calling her daughter: "DarLEEEEN, git yerself back to the barn and milk that cow right now!"
Darlene Sweet is a character in the movie Bad Times at the El Royale. Portrayed by Cynthia Erivo.
I am a 12 year old girl named Darlene, and I think it’s disrespectful that most of you have the audacity to make fun of it. I understand you don’t like it but most of you weren’t named it, I was made fun of because of it but I kept minding my own business and we all get our names for different reasons and mine was because of my aunt that passed before I was born. It’s better to have a name completely different than normal.
Very smooth and elegant.
If that name was not used on the Rosanne show, people would feel better about it. Just remembering that nasal sounding voice calling "Darlene" makes me loathe the name. Prior to that I thought it was okay. I thought so when I heard it on the Mickey Mouse Club. That show tarnished the name. By the way, my name was Darlene, but I changed it due to my mom calling me Dar for short. It sounded like Derrr to me. If she did not do that I might have still changed it due to the show. Everyone associates that name with low class. Thanks Rosanne!
Darlene doesn't sound very dignified.
Darlene? Seriously Darlene? The meaning “darling” seems sweet but the name looks like ugly trailer park trash. Like what kayisforkeen said, it doesn’t sound very dignified, I would pay a MILLION bucks just to see someone name their child this.
I would name my child Darlene if you were willing to give me a million bucks. Lol.
This name makes me think of that lady who stabbed her two sons to death and tried to make it look like a intruder did it. I'm put off from this name because of that.
Could be on the romantic names list, with Amy, Amanda, Rose, David and Valentine.
Darlene Alderson is a character on the American TV Series Mr. Robot, portrayed by Carly Chaikin.
My name is Darlenee and I can spell LEARNED with my full first name. I have a very powerful name. God scrambled my name in the bible to show how much this world thinks they know... God makes no mistakes.
My name is Darlene and I loathed it growing up. My mother was very young, barely 16 when she had me, and it was arranged that I would be adopted after birth.

After I was born and was in the nursery, my grandmother asked my grandfather if they could keep me because I was so darling. He agreed but he got to decide on my name. He chose to name me Darlene due to being so darling. He cried every time he shared this memory with me. I miss him dearly and I love my name more than ever, simply because of this story. As I have gotten older, I have an understanding and appreciate the sentiment behind my name. And it truly is a beautiful name. It might be old fashioned but that is the new "in"... Ruby, Grace, and Hazel are some great examples that are making a come back?!?
Darlene Diebler Rose was an amazing missionary to Papua New Guinnea. She was interred as a prisoner of war during WWII. You can read her autobiography called "Evidence Not Seen" or hear her story on Focus on the Family. Because of this amazing lady we are considering it for our daughter. What a beautiful meaning too, "darling".
Come on, it isn't as bad as the things our generation has created (Nevaeh, Kaylee, Braylyn, etc.).
The name has been around since the beginning of the 20th century.
Why are you all complaining about how dated it is? What's wrong with something being dated?
I think Darlene is a beautiful, sweet, and fantastic name. I don't understand why you all despise it so much.
More "famous" by association: Darlene Wilson, mother of Samuel Thomas Wilson aka Falcon aka Captain America in Marvel Comics.
The name Darlene was given to 158 girls born in the US in 2015.
The name Darlene is sooo CUTE! I love this pretty name. ^____^
I agree entirely.
My name is Darlene... although I always hated my name as a child... I realize no other name could suit me... my grandmother chose the name for me... it gives me uniqueness... when you see me and hear my name I am hard to forget... I stand out Red Haired, Blue eyed Darlene!
Darlene means "Dear little one", which is also where the word Darling comes from. It's an old fashioned name but has served me well. I was supposed to be named Melanie or Melody, but my Dad was hospitalized and his nurse was very kind to him so my parents named me after her. I grew up in the South, so I never knew if people knew my name or were just calling me Darlin. I can't imagine being called Melanie or Melody, I'm happy with my name, it suits me.
In Abbott & Costello's 1952 'Jack and the Beanstalk' film, this is the alias used by Princess Eloise Larkin when she is pretending not to be a princess.
My name is Darlene. It is dated and I have hated it my whole life. I was named after a girl on the Mickey Mouse club, the one from the 50's, so yes. It is old. I am in my 40's but I wear jeans not elastic waist bands. There was a character on the show Head of the Class named Darlene and of course, Roseanne. In school, kids did call me Darlin. It is misspelled as Darline. But, it is so unheard of that most people do not forget it. I'm also a redhead so with both, I don't get lost in a crowd.
The name Darlene was given to 213 baby girls born in the US in 2012 (:
"Darlene" is a song by The Lumineers, but they pronounce it "darlin'"
Darlene reminds me of the spunky, rude, smart-mouthed genius that was Sarah Gilbert on Roseanne.
A personal favorite of mine. I suppose it is supposed to be extremely feminine (with the whole Darling thing) but I think of it as a tomboy-y name. Kind of dark, kind of weird, but kind of fun.
Sounds like a frumpy middle-aged lady who wears trousers with an elastic waistband.
I like this name, I don't hear this name very often and when I do they're older women, like my future mother in law. :)
My mom's name is Loretta. She hates Loretta. Personally, I agree it's dated (some one mentioned it sounded 1950s, which is when she was born; plus, the same thing was said about Loretta). I think this is funny, since I would say my name (Tory for Victoria) is so eighties.
It looks too much like "darling", and I don't think "darling" sounds very good in a name. Besides, Darlene sounds so Fifties.
Ewwww, Darlene! No offense but this name is def not my fave!
I don't think "Darlene" is such a bad name either. I've only heard it on "Roseanne" though.
The fact that this name is clearly derived from the word 'darling' makes it sound even tackier and ditzier than all the other names ending in -lene. They all sound like the names of rather dim-witted country girls and women who dedicate their time to watching crappy TV shows when not cooking for the husband and pestering their kids about the importance of abstinence before marriage.
I argee with CharlieRob on this one, I think Darlene is a nice name. When I first heard it on Roseanne I loved it. (I could always relate her and she was my favorite)
Come on people, Darlene is not such a bad name.
Darlene Zschech is a Christian music artist (Hillsongs).
No offence if your name is Darlene, but EEEEWWWWW (sorry Darlenes).
I'm sorry, but YUCK!
I think this is a sweet name.
"Darlene" is a song by Led Zeppelin.
"Darlene" was featured on a hit TV show, Roseanne. It was the name of the main character's second child, youngest daughter. she was portrayed as rude, brash, cold, and very intelligent with a smart mouth and was often the cause of humourous snide remarks.

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