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Darryl is from the Baby Blue comics. He's the dad.
At first I didn't mind this name, until someone with this name in my class teased me and ruined my impression of the name.
The name Darryl has been in my family for three generations. My full name is Darryl Scott Hayes III, I was born in 2002. My father was born in 1976, and my grandfather was born in 1953. As of today I plan to name my son Darryl as well to continue the name in my family.
Darrel is the better spelling.
I knew a woman (who was probably born in the 1940s) named Darryl, spelled this way, so I think it's also a female name. It rhymes with Carol, so maybe that's why it had appeal for parents to give to girls.
The name Darryl was given to 191 boys born in the US in 2015.
Darryl is the name of the father in the newpaper comic strip Baby Blues.
Darryl is also used as a girls' name - Darryl Hannah and Darryl from the Mallory Towers series by Enid Blyton are two examples.
In the Malory Towers series, the main character's name was Darrell, not Darryl.
Daryl Christine Hannah's name is actually spelled with just one R.
A famous bearer of this name is the actress Darryl Hannah, who plays Elle Driver in Kill Bill.

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