According to ISTAT in 2017 were born 2, 811 Davide in Italy.
The correct pronunciation is: deh-VEE-day.
Davide Merlini is an Italian singer and actor, known for playing Romeo in the musical Romeo & Giulietta: ama e cambia il mondo.
I guess it's wrong, but I like da-VEE-day, it seems like if it was DA-vee-day, there'd be an accent on the a. Anyways, I wouldn't use this name in the US, people would probably pronounce it as David and think you were trying to be creative with the spelling.
Hello, I'm an Italian boy and my name is Davide! I am sorry but your website doesn't point the correct pronunciation! This name is pronounced stressed on the A! Francesca is wrong and I suppose she is not Italian!
Sorry but the only real pronunciation is DAH-vee-deh, "dah-VEE-deh" would sound ridiculous to any Italian. [noted -ed]
The correct pronunciation of Davide would be:


The "A" after "D" (Da) is as "Father". "Vi" makes a stressed "VEE", of which, be sure to hold the "VEE" momentarily longer than the rest. "De" creates a soft "Day" sound. [noted -ed]
The only person I recall is Davide Brivio (Yamaha).

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