My Korean parents named me "Davin" after their art van "DaVinci" and my name is pretty manly as an English name and even as a Korean one. Moreover, my other name is Angela (pretty feminine) but I was somehow cursed with the nickname "Al" so I'm back to being stared at when the teacher calls attendance.
Davin is a form of name DAWIN. Dawin has its on origin in English language. Dawin is commonly used as baby boy name.
My name is Davin in which the a sounds like it does in apple. Most people also think that this is a boy name but that is my name and I'm a girl. If there's another girl with this name, holla at me.
Swedish origin meaning Bright Finn.
Great alternative to the overrated "Gavin"
This is my youngest son's name and I love it. It's unique enough to not be common but simple enough that it's always pronounced right. It's a strong name and he has the personality to match it. I get compliments on his name all the time and he is proud of it, which is a win win.
My brother-in-law is named Davin. They pronounce it Day-vin like David, but ending with an n.
When I see this name, I read it as dah-vin, or Daven aka praying.
Davin - Variant of David 'Beloved' - French; Shining, Bright or brilliant finish – Scandinavian; Intelligent – Norse; Dearly Loved - Hebrew.
This is pretty much a mixture of the names Gavin and Devon.
My name (Davin) is a mix of Daniel and Vincent, as in DaVin.
My name (Davin) is pronounced as Day-vin.
Davin is a nice name for a boy. I also like the name Devan/Devin.
This name is the name of Dina's brother in the Shamer Chronicles.
Davin is a name that says you're strong-willed. Every Davin I know has a good personality and gets along with everyone he knows.

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