Davina (born Davina Bussey) is an American R&B singer and musician. Davina grew up in Detroit, Michigan, ran her own dance music Record label, and worked as a recording engineer before signing with Loud Records. Her 1997 single "So Good" became the theme song for the film Hoodlum. Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan and Xzibit each appeared on remixed versions of the song. Her album Best of Both Worlds (1998) reached number 180 on the US Billboard 200 and number 34 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and two of three singles released from the album charted on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts.
The name Davina means "Beloved"

It's such an AWESOME name! If you have this name, I'm kinda jealous! It's such a beautiful name!
I don't get why some people hate the name Davina so much, as I said, it's an amazing name!

If your name is Davina, just keep going and ignore the haters :D.
My is DaVina and I am named after one of my dad's good friends named David. I started capitalizing the V in middle school because I think it looks very classy. I have gone by a couple of nicknames, See and Vina.
My name is Davina and I was named after my mother and my grandmother, the name originated from Scotland and it would be over 160 years old in my family tree!
My name is Davina and I really love it so all you haters out there calling my name ugly are just jealous of my awesome name.
Sounds very forced and made up. Not very pretty.
Fans of this name may also like 'Divina', 'Devyn', 'Daiva', 'Davida', 'Davena', 'Divna', 'Davinia', 'Nevada', or 'Vanda'.
Davina Claire is a character in the CW's The Originals portrayed by Danielle Campbell.
The name Davina was given to 273 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Davina are female.
Davina is such a pretty name.
Davina Vinyard was one of Derek Vinyard's sisters from the film, American History X.
The name Davina was given to 214 girls born in the US in 2015.
I have a friend named Devyn, and I call her Devino as a nickname. This reminds me WAY too much of that, but I wouldn't cringe if I heard someone with this name.
I love the sound of Davina and would use it to honor my father David. I'd call her Dove for short, since that's the sound of the first syllable.
Shouldn't it be listed in the Scottish names if it originated in Scotland?
I like how it says this is a British name that originated in Scotland, but the only place it's ever been on the top 1000 charts is the US.
@Anonymous User 3/22/2013

It's only been on the US top 1000 in the 1970s and 1980s, and even then, the most popular it's been was #764. The US has a much larger population than the UK. The number of babies in the UK with a name that ranks #700-something is much less significant than in the US. A name ranking in the 700's in the UK should not be perceived as any more popular than many names that didn't make their top 1000.
I was supposed to be a boy, and the only name picked out was David. My mother often joked that they should have named me Davina or Davida, because they had to think of another name in a hurry. If only they had done that... the name they gave me is horrid. At least this one is interesting. I like it.
Miss Davina Bat is a slightly loopy charms teacher at Cackle's Academy in the British children's television show The Worst Witch, played by British actress Una Stubbs. :)
David Tennant played a character named Davina in some TV show. He had to cross dress for the part. It was absolutely hilarious to see.
The Lady Davina Elizabeth Alice Benedikte Windsor (now Lewis) is the second child and eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (Prince and Princess Richard).
Davina McCall is a British T.V. presenter. She presents Big Brother and for a while had her own chat show.
Another form of Davina is Daveigh (DUH-VAY). Daveigh Chase played Samara on The Ring.
My name is Davina. My parents came up with the name by using theirs - DAV from David and INA from Edwina.

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