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I have ALWAYS loved my name! The Y made it unique and has always been a source of confusion to many people in pronunciation. How they get "Danya" (dyslexic) is most common. I have only met other Dayna's (not Dana) who have been European. I am in my 60's, and I like that my name is not following a fad.
Daynawess  4/23/2014
One of the chavviest names I have ever heard, not to mention ugly... It is right up there with Chantelle and Latisha.
Marisa500  3/29/2012
I think it's better than Dana because the Y gives it security. That way it won't seem like Dan'ah, Dan as in Danny. I really think this name is better suited for a girl, the A at the end. It sounds pretty, feminine, and even mature. I can't forget "Dana Scully" the character from the X Files tv show. That's the first thing that comes to mind with this name.
― Anonymous User  5/19/2010
It's a pretty name.
dreadfulxsorry  2/2/2007
Dayna is a very pretty name for a girl. This spelling is also quite nice.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
I think this is just the ugliest name. I mean seriously.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2006
I like this spelling better than Dana. It seems more feminine (even though I don't think Dana is a very good masculine name).
― Anonymous User  8/25/2005

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