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When I hear this name I imagine an attractive man. But I couldn't imagine calling a child Deandre, it seems too masculine and harsh for a child. But I think it's a good name for an adult.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2019
Prefer Andre, the de part kind of ruins it.
kayisforkeen  11/2/2018
I always liked the name Andre but felt like it was maybe missing something (Andre is a great name on its own, this is just me) or sounded a little too lavish. So I prefer Deandre as a boys name, it sounds quite down to earth but still cool and collected.
futuremother99  10/12/2018
Where does the prefix come from?
Why do African-Americans make up names but more importantly, where does the inspiration come from?
Richard1978  8/25/2016
I like Andre as a name, but Deandre makes it sound unprofessional and tacky.
firestar11  7/24/2016
Even though I hate made up names with a passion, this one isn't too bad. But it should only be used on African-Americans.
Lee Augustus  2/28/2014
I dated a guy with this name only spelled slightly differently. He isn't "ghetto" at all. He dresses fashionably, speaks properly, and actually changed my perspective on names that some people tend to label "ghetto" names. I loved the unique spelling of his name, and with a name like this you can be a little more creative and it doesn't look bad. Add an apostrophe or not, it still looks classy. I prefer it with an apostrophe or uppercase: De'Andre/DeAndre.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2013
Can we do away with the racist/classist commentary on the name? This name is really quite widely regarded as a common/neutral African-American name, and if these commenters did research, they'd learn about the significance of various prefixes in African-American naming conventions.
triangular  10/24/2012
Also an anglicized version of the name D'Andre.
GiovannaDevorah  3/13/2011
I know a lot of guys (mostly black but I know a white person with this name too) with this name and they're all really cool and chill. I don't think it's a ghetto name.
Aureliano  4/10/2010
I knew an African American kid named Deandre in school. This is actually one "African American/Modern" name that I like, as it doesn't sound (to me) remotely "ghetto". Besides, it helps that the Deandre I knew was one of few kids in junior high that was nice to me. Anyway, I like how Deandre sounds. Perhaps because I already like Andre.
erb816  1/10/2010
It's quite funny how this name manages to sound tacky and trashy, yet pretentious at the same time. Prefixes just don't go with names. Not a name with a credibility factor or any maturity and style.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2008
Shouldn't this go under Modern English names?
― Anonymous User  2/24/2008

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