Debbie and Deb both make me think of the sound a faucet makes when it hasn’t been completely shut off and is continuously dripping like a metronome in the sink.
Such a sweet, simple name! I like it. :D.
Absolutely horrifying! Such a hideous, atrocious, stupid name! 0/100 stars!
Personally I hate the name Debbie, growing up and into my preteens my father always called me (Dumb Debbie Dumb, Idiot Debbie Idiot) and once I turned 18 I tried to change my name but the fee was too high so I now go by my middle name which is 'Irish'.
I just think of Debbie Downer...
Debbie can also be a nickname for Hildebert, Hrodebert, and possibly even Delbert.
Aww, I think Debbie is a cute name!
My name is Debbie I’m 15 and all the people my age say my name reminds them of an old lady which honestly offended me at first but then I realized there was nothing really wrong with that. My mother named me Deborah after the profitess in the bible but I’ve gone by Debbie my whole life, which if I’m not mistaken means honeybee, which I quite like. After reading these comments I don’t think I’m your typical Debbie most of the ones I’ve read say all the Debbies they’ve known were frumpy and/or overweight and I’m quite thin and I’m a bit rough around the edges and don’t have many friends idk know what the point of writing this was but I hope you enjoyed reading it.
The name Debbie makes me picture a snobby high school cheerleader from the 80s for some reason.
There were at least 3 Debbies in my high school. Many girls growing up in the 50s were named after Debbie Reynolds, an American actress whose daughter was Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.
One Debbie I knew became a medical doctor. The other two I lost touch with. None of them were frumpy or overweight. Can't judge people you don't know based on their name alone.
There were 5 girls named Debbie or Debra in my high school. We were born in the 50s, when many were named after Debbie Reynolds. One Debbie was a cheerleader, one was my best friend.
Debbie Matenopoulos is an American television host. Matenopoulos was born in Richmond, Virginia, of Greek ancestry. She is the daughter of Efrosini, a hair stylist, and Nicolaos T. Matenopoulos, a furniture maker. Her birth name is Despina Matenopoulos, named after her grandmother. Despina was later anglicized to Debbie.
Debbie Reynolds, rest in peace.
My name is Deborah Jane... I prefer being called Debbie, and I don't think I'm frumpy, or stuck in a different era! I love my name.
I've known a lot of Debbie's. Almost always very likeable but a bit on the frumpy side.
The name Debbie was given to 28 girls born in the US in 2015.
Lil Debbie is an American-Italian rapper.
Too cold and square sounding, I think. Maybe a little like Emma, IMO.
The fact that Debbie is a nickname and not a proper name is about the only thing that stops me from truly hating it. It's so commonly taken over Deborah that you wouldn't even know the full name existed. Whenever I think of people who are called Debbie, I just want to yell at them to change their name to something else.
Debbie (Deborah) Gibson was a popular teen singer in the 1980s.
"Debbie Downer" is a slang phrase that refers to someone who is frequently negative and brings down the mood of everyone around them. There was a character on SNL with this name.
There was a girl in The Amanda Show named Debbie. She was the stupid girl that always said "I like eggs".
Debbie was the name of one of the characters on The Wild Thornberrys. She was Eliza's older sister, and had typical teen girl interests.
Reminds me of Debbieh in Lebanon.
Is it wrong of me to think of "Debbie Does Dallas" upon hearing this name?
Reminds me of Little Debbie, the snacks that you find at the grocery store. But other than that the name's ok. (:
I totally agree. I once had a friend called Debbie, who looked like someone from another decade when she dressed up on stage.
Ugh, I hate this nickname. It makes me think of ditzy girls from the 80s and middle-aged women who have horrible hairstyles and clothes.
I really like the name Debbie, I think it is a lot better than Deborah/Debra. I think names like Jane or Jean would make for a wonderful middle name for Debbie.
There's a song by a band called "sugarcult" called Debbie. It's kinda funny. The first line of the song says "Debbie was a lesbian yesterday".
My mom's name is Debbie! Well it's Deborah. I like that name but she says it's boring!
Debbie (Deborah) Harry, singer in Blondie, is a famous bearer.
The great Debbie Reynolds (born Mary Francis Reynolds) chose this name as her stage name.

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