Deena is the name of a song from the album "I See Stars" by the artist Robin Fox. So that's something cool to know in reference to this name.
As for the marionettes (puppets), robots, or any body that bases their lives and or opinions upon what is happening in this world because they watch TOO MUCH television. It's sad that such trash exists. These people wear, eat, dine, shop, drive, watch, and talk about and live based on what ever the media and spectators on and in magazines say do and live. What a wasteful life, if you ask me they have no flavor no spark other than what is cool to television. SADLY these kinds of folks NEVER become legends or have stories and movies based upon their poor dull puppetized lives. Sorry to burst such bubbles and momentary sucklings as these but someone had to do it.
My name is DEENA DARLENE. A very unique, strong, and sweet name. The vibrance of such names make for one DANGEROUSLY POWERFUL WOMAN, one that is EXTREMELY INTRIGUING, yet overlooked in a crowded room. I find my life full of excitement and frail moments that make life worth living. I love unique and out of the ordinary names and meanings. I kept to my name's uniqueness when I named my three children. Ones of which cannot and shall never be found in a book of baby names. Thank GOD, for that they will remain so unique and not used by others therefore they shall stand out in all crowded rooms.
This name sounds childish and incomplete.
A famous bearer of this name is Deena Payne (born 29 August 1954 in Orpington, Kent), who is an English actress and former singer who now plays Viv Hope in ITV's Emmerdale. :)
Deena is my aunt's name, so when I think of this name, I immediately think of her traits; a very strong willed and independent woman, but also very feminine. I think the name Deena will be suitable for any generation. It’s sweet for a young girl, but is also appropriate for older, more professional women. I like this name a lot.
I find it bland, boring, and unimaginative.
What is so nice about this name is that it isn't common, yet it is not unusual. It is very feminine.
This name is a variation of the Hebrew name Adina meaning delicate.
This is the name of the woman Beyonce plays in the movie 'Dreamgirls'.

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