This name is destroying the planet!
Terrible name! I don't think I even need to go into why.
I'd like this name if it didn't sound like 'deforestation.' It is a nice name, if you can ignore the connotations.
I cannot believe this is a name. I do not like Deforest as it sounds so much like the word "deforestation".
A dignified name, if a bit old-fashioned. The 'de' of this name simply means 'of' in French.
No, people. Just no.
This name is dumb. It brings to mind deforestation. Plus, the fact that it is a French surname makes it tacky and ridiculous to use it on a child.
Forest with a prefix? Little did the people who created this monstrosity know that it would actually have a meaning one day. Sounds like a verb.
If I marry a logger, this is what I'll name my son.
I think that it is unfortunate that the word deforestation has become so common. Because before this name was really cool. I still like the sound of it and am angry that using it would get such a bad reaction. To the above poster, I have never actually seen Deforest used as a word. Only deforestation.
Before I saw this, I thought deforest meant to destroy the forest. Maybe people should name their child Pollute and say it means pollen or something.
Humphrey Bogart's middle name is DeForest.
Deforest Kelley played Lt. Cmdr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, M.D. in the "Star Trek" T.V. and movie series. Sometimes he went by "Deforrest."

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