It honestly always reminds me of the computer LOL! It's still a nice name, though.
"Look buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems, not like 'what is beauty?' cause' that would fall under your conundrums of philosiphy, I solve practical problems." - Dell Conagher, Team Fortress 2
This name is born by Dell Conagher of the game Team Fortress 2, also known as the Engineer.
It is kind of a name that I can only really think of a 40+ year old southern man bearing.
Girls- Della
Nickname for Kendyl, Kendall.
Steph Curry's dad is Dell Curry.
Sounds great as a Nickname for Wendell or Wardell.
This is one of the middle names of the American actor, singer and dancer Van Johnson (1935-2008), born Charles Van Dell Johnson.
Personally, ignoring the fact that Dell computers has made this a hard first name (ok for a middle name), the name sounds much more feminine to me (again, middle name is a different issue - Paired with a strong first name, this would work fine).
The farmer in the dell
The farmer in the dell
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer in the dell
Reminds me of the computer.
Dell is my middle name and I enjoy it, it's unique. My great great great grandmother's name was Dell.
If you name your child Dell, he would get teased. People would say "Dell, have you bought a Dell computer?"
Dell is the receptionist on ABC's new show Private Practice.
It is a stupid computer that I would never buy. I couldn't dream of naming your kid after a piece of garbage, anyway. Do me a favor and don't name your kid this.

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