I dislike Dolores but I do like this spelling. As someone said below: "you're taking away the meaning", well, it's good that you're taking away the sorrow...
The name Dolores comes from the latin: dolor, meaning grief, sorrow, or pain. Notice the spelling. Spelling the name "Delores" (or worse, "Deloris") is incorrect and looks weird.
Very ugly and illiterate spelling.
My name is Deloris and I was named after my father's sister. I hated it as a child but learned to love it with the unique spelling. People call me DeeDee. I say it's Deloris with an eye lol. Best name on earth!
This (mis)spelling really annoys me. Dolores means "sorrows" in Spanish, not Deloris. By spelling it this way you're taking away the meaning. Plus, it looks horrible.
Singer Peggy Lee's original name was Norma Deloris Engstrom.
Ack. This spelling irritates me. I mean, I like the name Delores, but the "I" in this name just looks awful.
Dolores is horrible and so is this name!
The character Whoppee Goldberg played in Sister Act was Deloris.

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