Is very popular in Portugal and Galicia.
I pronounce it as:

Də-MEHL-zə. [noted -ed]
Very alluring.
Pronounced: DEM-EL-ZA in English.
Demelza is the first child of model Amy Willerton and her fiance Daniel Day.
I hope I’m mispronouncing this... but it reminds me of dementia. Sure, without the tsh sound but it’s still a bit too similar in my personal opinion.
The name Demelza or Demelsa is a lot older than Winston Graham's Poldark books and or the 1970's TV Series or its current remake. Its ultimate derivation is from the old French word Demoiselle - meaning girl or young lady. It survives in modern French as Mademoiselle, the French equivalent of the English Miss. These words for Miss or Young girl in other languages are often used as first names for girls in the English speaking world - Missy and Mädchen are two further examples.
The name Demelza was popularized by the popular "Poldark" series of historical novels by Winston Graham published from 1945 to 1953 in which Demelza Carne Poldark is a leading character. The novels were adapted by the BBC for television in 1975-77 and again in 2015-17.
Makes me think of cheese in pizza for some reason, haha. Anyway, I like it. It reminds me of sultry brown eyes and colorful skirts and it's a strong, independent, powerhouse of a name. But it also sounds mysterious and pretty and smoky and exotic.
Demelza Hospice is a hospice in Kent for terminally ill children, as well as a charity. It was set up by Derek and Jennifer Phillips in honour of their daughter, Demelza, who died of a brain tumour.
Such an intriguing and beautiful name!
It sounds Spanish.
In the "Poldark" books Demelza's told her name means "thy sweetness" (from someone who's attempting to seduce her >_>). I believe it's supposed to be Cornish.

Given the Greek origin of "mel" in reference to "honey", I think it's a reasonable assumption. I certainly don't know where this "fort" placename thing came from.
I think Demelza is quite a mysterious-sounding and ancient Celtic name, first of all I didn't like the sound of it, but now it's starting to grow on me. It sort of reminds me of the name Imelda. :)
Personally, though I think this is an absolutely gorgeous name, the name becomes tainted when I think of that evil demon-gremlin that won Australia's Next Top Model.
Demelza Reveley was one of the final two for the fourth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model.
What a weird and ugly name! The nickname would surely be Mel, and I hate Mel on females. Come to think of it, I hate it on males as well. It's annoying and makes me think of Mel Gibson. Ugh. She'd better go by Demi, which I'm not so crazy about either, but it is more bearable, alright.
I quite like the name Demelza. I know a seven year old with this name, but her parents are hippies and I'd always assumed they made the name up until I read Harry Potter.
There is a Quiditch player in the Harry Potter series, in book 6, called Demelza.
Aha! I knew it sounded familiar. I like this name, it's pretty and mysterious!
I like this name. It's my name! I'm a Spanish girl and I don't know the meaning of my name. I'm 24 and I only knew that my name was in a TV series. I know something else now.
The series your name was used in was "Poldark". It was on the BBC. I also named my daughter (who is also 24) after this character, but I went with the name Angharad, from Angaharad Reese,the actress who played the part.
Poldark is also a series of books by Winston Graham, from which the BBC tv series was adapted. I'd be very interested to know where Graham got the name Demelza from, because I'm an historian and I can't find one single historical use of it. It's very pretty, though.

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