Wicked cool for a little kid!
Beautiful, fine name for the littlest kids! ❤❤.
Awesome name. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I'd totally use it, most likely as a middle name because of all the hate I'd get from law-abiding Christians otherwise lol.
A horrible name. Why would you name your child this? I would pity anybody with this name.
Yeah, I'll avoid this.
Not really used anymore. I recently heard of a man with this name and it was pretty bad. He named his son August, though, so I guess he has better taste than his parents? The meaning 'the people' is associated with demagogues, democracy, and it is Ancient Greek so I do not know if anyone names their son this anymore. I would personally use Damon, which lacks bad associations and is used enough in the modern world to be recognizable while having roots from Greek mythology.
Yet another great name for cool children.
Awful. I know it's not pronounced the same way in English, but if you are in an English speaking country, this is a no-no spelling. Spell it Damon instead.
Naming your child this may curse you and/or your kid. Don't do it.
For all the Demon names and meanings, I go to
I AM a Christian and I plan to name my first born son Demon. It's not a bad name and to me it sounds great. Demons are what we face that make us stronger, meaning a Demon is obviously strong in the first place. Plus, in Greek, Demon means something completely different from the Demon you normally hear about in horror stories and bibles. I also plan to name my kid Demon so he can prove to people that it doesn't matter what name you have, people need to stop judging based off of names and accept people for who they are.
Acceptable in ancient Greece, completely unacceptable in modern English-speaking countries.
Demon Cat is a character in Adventure Time.
I cannot believe that this is a real name.

Does this sound kind of feminine? Not trying to offend.
I can't help but notice that there is a fair amount of confusion in the comments above. As such, I would like to try to clear up a little bit of that confusion. I hope to achieve that by explaining to you the difference in etymology of the word 'Demon' and the ancient Greek personal name Demon. I will try to keep it simple. :)

Alright, so obviously we have all heard about the concept of 'Demon' in Judeo-Christian legend. In this case, the word 'Demon' is actually a corruption of Latin 'daemon'. The -ae- in many latinate words and names is eventually corrupted into -e-, which makes sense, since the -e- variant is simpler to spell and pronounce. Often, these simpler variants become the mainstream spelling. Just compare: Aemilia becomes Emilia, Caecilia becomes Cecilia, and so forth. So, that is why the word 'daemon' eventually became 'Demon'.

Now that we've got that covered, it should be said that the word 'daemon' is actually the latinized form of the Greek word δαίμων (daimōn) meaning "god, goddess, divine power". The -ai- in many Greek words and names is usually latinized to -ae-. For example, Althaia becomes Althea, Parthenopaios becomes Parthenopaeus, and so on. Even further down the line, this -ae- is usually corrupted into -e-, as I had already explained in the previous paragraph.

In short, this is the journey that the word "Demon" (from Judeo-Christian legend) has made over time:

Daimon ---> Daemon ---> Demon

Are you guys still with me so far? Okay, then now I will tell you something about Demon as an ancient Greek personal name. As the entry here on Behind the Name correctly states, the name Demon is derived from Greek δημος (demos) meaning "the people". It has always been that way. I mean, there are *no* instances here and there where ancient Greek parents named their son after the 'daimon' (which is also a concept in Greek mythology, by the way - though a daimon was originally benevolent in Greek mythology). In other words: Demon as a personal name always derives from 'demos', never from 'daimon'.

As such, the personal name Demon has an entirely different etymology than the word 'Demon' from Judeo-Christian legend. They have only two things in common with each other, namely:

1. They both originate from the Greek language;
2. Their outward appearance (i.e. their spelling) is the same.

And that's it. That's where the similarities end.

Now that you guys know this, I hope you realise that giving a boy the ancient Greek personal name Demon is *not* the same as naming him after the concept 'Demon' from Judeo-Christian legend. It does *not* mean that the parents have hateful or offensive intentions, not at all. Yes, I suppose the difference seems subtle to many people - especially those who have little knowledge about etymology in general. And yes, I can understand that the same spelling of Demon and 'Demon' causes people to mistake the former for the latter. I get that, but there *is* a difference, and that cannot be denied. More people should know about that, and that is why I wrote this. It doesn't matter if only a handful of people read this; it will still be infinitely better than nothing at all. :) Besides, these people could always spread the knowledge (if they find themselves in a situation where it's appropriate to do so), and more educated people is always a good thing. :)

Alright, that is all that I wanted to say. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)
Who would name their poor child this? Are there actually people named Demon?! Imagine introducing them: "this is my little Demon"
Demenity Veen, nicknamed Demon, was a character in Vladimir Nabokov's 1969 novel 'Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle.'
I think this would be a nice name but I would never use it. It would be associated with the 'evil spirit' Demon more than the 'the people' meaning of Demon. If you really want to use this then change it and warp it a bit so people don't think of evil spirits.
Damon's a good alternative. I honestly think this name isn't *that* bad, considering it has nothing to do with the word 'Demon' except by how it's spelled.
Pronounced DEH-mon, not DEE-mon.
I like the name and the meaning (people), but I wouldn't name my kid this.
I like names that sound similar to Demon (Damian, Devin) but even if the name isn't meant to represent a demon from Christian or Jewish beliefs, I wouldn't name any of my kids that.
It has a good meaning, but nobody would know that unless you tell them. There will obviously be a lot of teasing in school, and prejudice in the general public who will assume the worst of the parents, or the poor kid, who will have to work hard to make his name a misnomer. Go with Damian, or search up another name with a similar meaning if you like it beyond the association.
Why would you name your kid this? Don't you know that when the child gets to that certain age, he is going to keep asking you "Mom and Dad, why did you name me Demon if you know that it means evil spirit?" This name will be especially terrible if the child attends church or some religious event. Of course there will be teasing in school, and just about everyone will associate it with being "evil". I would be very surprised if a boy named Demon married a girl named Angel.
I think you'd have to be pretty weird to name your child Demon, but the comments from people gasping about it being a disgrace to God to name your child this made me giggle confusedly. It's not a good name, but honestly, it's not THAT terrible! I'm sure God isn't that hypersensitive. It has an interesting sound, but quite honestly, you shouldn't treat your child like something horrible by naming them this. It will follow them their whole life.
I'm getting seriously pissed off here, because the Judeo-Christian "demon" comes from the Latin "daemon" not the Greek word which means "the people". Also, a daemon was a guardian, not an evil spirit thing which Christians twisted it to.
I don't know, I don't think it's really that horrible of a name, considering it's pronounced more like "deh-monn". The only thing wrong with it in English society is the obvious controversial spelling. I think if a person wanted to name their child this, they would just have to be creative and come up with an alternative spelling for it.
For obvious reasons, I wouldn't want to use this name. It gives the impression that Demon will behave like a little demon.
I bet most of the people who say that we shouldn't be so offended by this name means "the people" instead of "evil spirit" probably wouldn't have known that if it hadn't been on the previous screen.
Besides, just because the info page says that it means one thing doesn't mean that that is the only meaning. As this is a word name, the definition of the word is also an applicable meaning.
Demon is not a name that I would like to hear my child called.
This would be such a fun name to give a child just to see people's reactions, but it's not like I'd actually do such a thing. See, if you did such a thing, people would assume that the parents are either members of some weird Satanic cult, immature teen parents who thought it would be funny, or some type of angst-ridden contrarians who feel the need to piss people off for the sake of pissing them off, and who hate people on principle and want everyone to notice it. Also, the poor guy would probably face discrimination of all sorts.
Please, please, PLEASE no. Even if it doesn't mean "evil spirit", (which, by the way, most people your son will meet will think it means) calling your son "the people" makes it seem as if he has multiple personalities.
I'd do with Dexter or Damien if I were you.
I think its pronounced Dah-mohn.
Even though this may not be the "Demon" of Christianity, the Christian majority of the world will think so, and all hell will break loose. I guess it's an okay name, but I wouldn't name my kid it.
Yeah sure, it's not the devil. But come ON - anyone immediately thinks of that when a kid is called Demon. No one will think it means something else, unless they tell them. Sorry, but this name is so hard to make work.
What a FABULOUS name! How cute is it? I am considering naming one of my kids this. =)
People we are talking about ancient Greek not English! Not only does it have nothing to do with god and the devil and blah blah blah, but the e is soft like in "end" so it's pronounced more like Damon. It's a good name, don't knock it!
Yes, it means "the people", not "Evil Spirit", so it isn't to offend Christians or Jewish people. However, I wouldn't use it on a person, as many people would get the wrong message.
I think it was a great name. I could name my son this =) especially because of the Greek meaning.
Jeez, people, don't have a cow. The name isn't meant to be an insult to your stupid religion. It's just a name. And the name just so happens to NOT represent the "demon" of Christianity. So quit freaking out over it.
I agree with the above statement. The name itself ISN'T meant as a "demon" in the Christian sense, it's derived from the Greek word for "people".

I wouldn't name a kid this, though, because of the conclusions stupid people would jump to. Also, there might be dumb "speed demon" jokes, and your kid would hate you.
Well, what better way for a satanist to be called Demon. I'm guessing it is the opposite of Angel, a much more acceptable name in society these days. Anyone who calls their kid Demon will hurt their kids in such a horrendous way as to almost kill the kid, seriosly who the hell would name their kid Demon! What corrupt and self-dellusional parents they must be!
An interesting choice of name though not one I would personally use. I could see someone of the occult or a goth using this name however.
I would nevvvvvvvvver name a child Demon. It is insulting to god our creator. He created you and you name your child after a person who hates god your heavenly father and even you. Whoever names their kid this should be a ashamed.
"Demon" is a wicked spirit in the Jewish and Christian belief.

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