Denice Frohman is an American poet, writer, performer and educator, whose work explores the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.
Denice Zamboanga is a Filipino female mixed martial artist. She is ranked #3 in the ONE Championship women's atomweight rankings.
Personally I prefer Denise but I like how Denice has connotations with the word nice. It could however lead to confusion with pronunciation as some may pronounce it nice as in the adjective rather than Nice (the French city).
I may not see many comments or interests about this but I think I am in the minority. This DENISE variation adds a nice touch with the letter C and it looks nicer in MY opinion. It's MUCH more youthful and it makes a perfect name for a Female SUPERSTAR ⭐!Check out the other feminine names that end in "-ice" such as Janice, Alice, Felice, Clarice, Berenice and Laurice. They are SURE to fit nicely with that name.
It means "day", "daily".
Since when does Denice mean 'daily'?
I find Denice a cute and very youthful name.

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