Turkish film director Deniz Gamze Ergüven, known for her 2015 debut feature "Mustang".
The name means "Sea" in Turkish.
I know two girls named Deniz who both pronounce it de-NEEZ.
Actually, in Turkey I hear them say it 'Den - iz' exactly how it is spelt. It's not a common boys name the main usage is for girls. Just so everyone knows, this name has NOTHING to do with the name Denise.
It is pronounced as Denise in English.
Very common name both for male and female. Especially in the 90's a baby out of 25 babies is named as Deniz. Then the fashion was to give the name Derya (which means also sea) to brothers and sisters of Deniz's. Now you can guess the name of brother or sister of your friends called Deniz.

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