The late Cuban-American actor (I Love Lucy) Desi Arnaz is the (probably) best known person who had this name. It's traditionally only a masculine name. I cannot say I heard it in my years of Spanish studies outside of Desi Arnaz, who was mentioned in Poli-sci Spanish-language classes in reference to Cuba-USA relationships.
Can be a short form of Desirae.
This can be short for Destiny or Desideria.
Shortening of Desirée. I have an aunt who goes by that nickname.
The name Desi is the name of the main character in AwesomenessTV "Royal Crush" Portrayed by Meg or "MayBaby" on YouTube.
My name is Desi but it's not short for anything. It's also pronounced Dezi.
I have a brother, father and nephew called Desi, short for Desmond I always thought. A version of Denis somewhat. It's not too common.
This name also sounds feminine, so it should be unisex.
It can also be a nickname for Desideria. It is actually more often used as a pet form of Desideria rather than Desiderio (at least here in Spain).
I know this name links to Desiderio, but I have seen it as a short form of Desiree.
Desi Arnaz is famous for playing Ricky Ricardo opposite his wife Lucille Ball in the T.V. show "I Love Lucy." He was born Desiderio Alberto, III.
Also a feminine pet form of Desdemona.

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