Don't like it at all.
"Detlef" was quite a popular name in the 30's and 40's and less so after the occupation of Germany after WW2. Out with the old and in with the new.
Major villain from the evil land-beyond-time, Norsunder, in Sherwood Smith's Sartorias-deles universe. Spelled Detlef in novels taking place in the past, but Detlev in novels taking place in the modern era. He's also sometimes called Ramis.
I agree with paganqueen that the meaning of the name Detlef is "son of the people". The Germanic word "laiba" means "son".
The other person who stated that the name Detlef is quite unpopular in Germany should realise that this has come about only in recent years, when someone had the brilliant idea of using the name as a label for homosexual males. In former times the name was quite respectable.
Pronounced DET-lef. [noted -ed]
This name is quite unpopular in Germany.
My uncle who bears this name (he spells it "Detlev") said it means something like "son of the people" or "servant of the people".
Another spelling of this name is Detlev.

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