I like this name, but I don't know if I'd ever use it as a name in real life.
I've had two teachers with the last name Devore.
It’s much nicer than Deborah, it’s going on my list.
It sounds fine but it reminds me of the word "devour".
Devorah is so much nicer than Deborah. It's much nicer and softer.
I came across this name recently and have fallen in love with it. I like it pronounced Deh-VORE-ah, but Dev-rah is nice too.
Deborah is a fine name, but I prefer Devorah because it lacks the harsh "Deb-" prefix. It's a gorgeous name, whether pronounced deh-VORE-ah, DVOH-rah, or DEV-rah.
This name sounds so much fresher than the dated Deborah, even though there's only one letter of difference. I know a number of Devorahs, most of whom have the double name Devorah Leah.
Another way to spell the name is Dvora.
Devorah, Devra, Deborah, and Debra are all variant spellings.
This isn't the Hebrew form of Deborah, it's a spelling variant. The sound of the second syllable does not exist in the English language or Phonetic alphabet, and we must try and transcribe it as best we can.

It's like saying Beijing is the Chinese form of Peking.
I prefer this to Deborah, and I'd like it a lot better if the meanest person I've ever known didn't have this name. So, name your child this and improve the image!
Possible nickname - Devrie.
Pronounced dvoh-rah.
Gorgeous! Much prettier than Deborah.
This is my official Hebrew name that I got as an infant in a Jewish naming ceremony. I think it's really a beautiful name that sounds quite nice when pronounced properly. It has a newer feel to it than the English forms of Dorthey or Deborah.
Devorah has nothing to do with Dorthey.

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