Pretty ugly for both genders, just so you know, adding a "y" does NOT make it feminine. I wouldn't recommend using this name at all, but if you do, please for a boy.
No... just... NO!
I don’t like this spelling for a male unless he’s feminine. This could suit any female though.
Definitely masculine.
I know a girl named Devyn, I have always found the name and spelling pretty.
I honestly love my name. When people, mostly guys, make fun of me I strongly ignore them. I don't care what others think about me. "Devyn" is the perfect name and it fits me! Haters gon' hate...
This is a beautiful feminine sounding name. I don't care for it for a guy.
Such a trashy spelling. I'm currently in the midst of reading this book and one of the character's names happens to be this. Yes, this spelling. At first introduction, I honestly thought it was a simple, overlooked typo. Nope! The author went with that spelling. I'm just satisfied that the character is a male though.
It's amazing how much change a single letter could make. Devin looks great whereas "Devyn" looks terrible. A good enough name with a bastardized spelling.
The name Devyn was given to 259 girls and 107 boys born in the US in 2015.
I prefer Devyn as the femenine and Devin as masculine.
I spell it Devynn. Just love it for a girl's name.
I love this name. It's very futuristic and looks great on a sci-fi character.
My friend's name is Devyn Jade and it fits her very well. I would use this name if I didn't have a friend with the name. It is feminine but isn't too girly.

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