This was a nickname of Princess Diana.
It can also be a chinese surname usually in the form: 狄 (Dí). Notably from Emperor Huang Di and Di Renjie, an official of the Tang & Zhou dynasties. It was listed 108th among the Song-era Hundred Family Surnames.

狄 is composed of the radicals for "animal" (犭) and "fire" (火) and was used to describe barbarian tribes north of the original zhongguo.

Its Old Chinese pronunciation has been reconstructed as *lˤek and its Middle Chinese one as Dek.
Never. This sounds as if you are telling someone to Die. If your name is Diane or Diana, go by Dee or Dede.
This is my friend's nickname for Diana. In primary school, she used to get teased a lot, with children always saying something along the lines of: 'Die Di!'. Immature children ruin this as a name, so it would be better to use Diane or Diana instead of just Di, and call them Di. Also, Di doesn't sound very good on a grown woman.
Never just call your child "Di". It looks incomplete, plain. It's best used as a nickname for Diane or Diana.

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