Dianna is also Polish, used alongside Diana in Poland. The name day for Dianna in Poland is August 13.
I thought this spelling would be pronounced Dee-AR-nah.
Actress Dianna Agron portrayed head cheerleader Quinn Fabray on the TV series Glee.
I think it’s (Die) (Aw (Uh) and Diana is (Die) (Anne) (Uh).
Dianna Berry was a character in Anne of Green Gables.
This is such a beautiful name, and I really like the alternative spelling.
Not terrible by any means. I just like the spelling of Diana more.
The name Dianna was given to 115 girls born in the US in 2015.
This is my mother's name and I've been really liking it lately. I think it's really lovely and fresh, and could definitely become more popular in the future.
Dianna Agron, an American actress.
I like this spelling, I know a girl who spells her name this way it's a cool way.
My name is Dianna, and though it may be common (even with this slightly unusual spelling) I am very happy with it. It is a strong, recognizable name. It is not too ordinary, but I never have any problems with people mis-pronouncing or mis-spelling it. Dianna is a name that could suit many personality types, and any age. My favorite short form is Dia (pronounced die-ah). It is a classic name that I would suggest for any girl.
Dianna is used in Ireland, too.
Well, my name is Dianna. I think that is a very mature, grown up name. I'm glad to see that people seem to like it. I'm happy that I am one chosen to bear it.
Dianna is a strong name, but very feminine at the same time. It is one of my personal favourite girl's names.
I simply ADORE this name and I wish every day that I could have had the good fortune to bear it!

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