I like the double N.
Dianne Evelyn Wiest is an American actress.
Dianne is stunning. I really like this spelling.
My name is Dianne - constantly need to say "with two n's"! My mother commented once she named me after Deanna Durbin an actress - I asked so why didn't you call me Deanna? LOL.
Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, born Dianne Emiel Goldman (1933-), elected to US Senate from California in 1992.
My middle name is Dianne, Caitlyn Dianne. I was named after my grandmother. I think that is a beautiful name.
I find this dated and ugly although this view could be coloured by the fact that a Dianne I knew was the most nasty person I've had the misfortune to meet!
I'm not quite sure how famous she is, but JK Rowling's sister is named Dianne.
My mother's name is Dianne. However, everyone always leaves out the extra "n" and spells it "Diane", which can be quite annoying at times. But I still think it's a great name.

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