Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Dutch
Pronounced Pron. DEE-də

Meaning & History

Short form of Diederik and other names beginning with the same element, originally from Germanic theud meaning "people".

Related Names

VariantsDick, Dirk, Ties
Other Languages & CulturesTheoderich, Theodoricus, Theudoricus, Theutrich, Þiudreiks(Ancient Germanic) Dederick, Derrick, Derek, Derick, Deryck, Dirk(English) Tiidrik, Tiit(Estonian) Thierry(French) Durk, Tiede(Frisian) Diederich, Dietrich, Dierk, Dirk, Thilo, Till, Tillo, Tilo(German) Theodoric(History) Tielo(Medieval German)


Entry updated April 16, 2019