This was my Opa's name and as a kid, myself being English speaking and him emigrated from Germany, I would be amazed at how he had so many things with his name on it! It wasn't until a bit after I realized his "BEWARE OF DIETER" (dee-ter) mug was actually beware of "Dieter" (die-eter)(there was a picture of a fridge locked up and an angry man beside it) in German "ie" and "ei" have opposite sounds to how they are in English. I'd see the word 'Dieter' as my Opa's name instead of the English word for "one who goes on a diet"Anyway it's a great name and my Opa was a wonderful,funny man. I hope if I have a boy to give him Dieter as his middle name as an homage.
Dieter Stark is the Peter Stormare character from the 1997 film, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”.
Ah... Now this is a name that ages well. I can picture a toddler Dieter just as easily as a middle-aged Dieter and an elderly Dieter.
Dieter Brummer is an Australian actor of German descent, probably best known for his roles on the television soap operas Home and Away and Neighbours.
I like the sound of the name, but many people will interpret the name as referring to someone who goes on a diet.
In the old show Pepper Ann (on Disney's One Saturday Morning), there's a minor reccuring character named Dieter.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Dieter here:
I laughed a little when I saw this name. I'm not too fond of how it sounds, either. Sorry.
I don't know why, but Dieter instantly makes me think of a boy, probably under fifteen. While I can imagine a full-grown man with the name Dieter, I can't really imagine a Grandpa Dieter. I love this name though.
A president emeritus of my university spelled his name Diether.
To put it in a simple way, I love this name. The way it sounds, the combo of the syllables, even the meaning of the name is fitting. It's a good, strong name that doesn't have the curse of 'sounding funny' or being terribly common. If I ever have children and one is a boy, this would be in my top three names.
I heard this name before I ever saw it written down, and always thought it would be spelt "Deiter". If I use the name for a son I'll probably spell it like that. I just really like the way it sounds.
If you spelt it like "Deiter" then it would be pronounced DIE-ter.
Pronounced DEE-tur. [noted -ed]
Becoming less popular in Germany.
There was a character on SNL named Dieter. He was played by Mike Myers, who hosted the German television show "Sprockets."
Deet-ur, is how I've always pronounced it, and I am slightly peeved by people who keep making referance to a person on a diet.
There is a kid named Dieter on Laguna Beach.
So Dieter means "warrior of the people". What is with German names being about wars and violence?
That's because these names are very old. Over 2000 years ago, war and violence was part of life in the regions these names come from. If you weren't successful in war, you died sooner or later. It is one reason for old German names becoming more and more unpopular in Germany.

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