Dilshad Nahar Kona, better known by her nickname Kona, is a Bangladeshi singer. She was one of member of a Bangladeshi female band namely 'Angel 4' which was formed in the year 2003.
Chokherbalyy  6/5/2020
To be a bit more precise: this is a name that consists of two elements, namely the Persian noun دل (dil) meaning "heart" and the Persian adjective شاد (shad) meaning "happy, cheerful". [noted -ed]

The name Dilshad is also commonly used in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where it can be spelled as Дильшад and Дилшад. Its variant Dilshat is unisex (but more often used on males) and also commonly used in both countries. It can be spelled as Дильшат and Дилшат.

For more information, please see:

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Dilshad Vadsaria is in the ABC Family television show Greek.
bibi66  11/3/2008

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