"Dilys" (pronounced dil'-iss) is a Welsh adjective, meaning "genuine" or "real," used as a female first name. It is often found on legal BMD certificates denoting the certificate as authentic.
For some reason this sounds masculine to me. Maybe because of its similarity to Dylan.
Dilys Laye (1934-2009) was an English actress.
It was once a fictional headmistress at Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter series. She was also a doctor at St. Mungo's.
Dilys Derwent from Harry Potter series was not a doctor. She was an healer.
Contrary to the comment above, Dilys is not pronounced dil-ees, it is pronounced dil-iss. The y is pronounced as if it were the I in "industry". At least that's how it's pronounced here in Wales, where it was invented. And it is a lovely name. :)
Pronounced DIL-ees.

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