What a beautiful meaning! And perfect for a little girl baby. "Downpour". I would give this name just for its meaning.
Rainy Cloud, to bring harvest, fortune and good luck [Arabic]
Dima al-Wawi was the youngest Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails. She was released in April 24, 2016 after 75 days on charges of intending to kill a security guard on Feb. 9 near Hebron. On February 9, 2016 Wawi was arrested near the Karmi Tsur settlement on the territory of Halhul, north of Hebron. She was transferred to Hasharon Prison on charges of attempted murder. The prosecutor transferred her to a community center under the Ministry of Social Affairs, with the payment of a fine of 8, 000 shekels. She was assigned bail of 25 thousand shekels.
Dima Kandalaft is a Syrian actress and singer. Kandalaft graduated with a degree of economics from Damascus University. She pursued an acting career and studied at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. One of her most prominent roles was a role in Bab al-Hara.
I just want to update the information given in this website about the origin of the name Dima in Arabic.
My grandma introduced the name for the first time after reading a book in Arabic where the word "al Dima" was mentioned (I will give you the name of the book after I check it myself). She liked it a lot so she decided to call her first baby born girl Dima. My aunt is the oldest Dima there is she was born in 1952 and you can check all the records there is you won't find a Dima older than her.

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