Absolutely love this name! I think it’s both sexy beautiful and cute!
Ok, not too bad.
Gorgeous and underused name in my opinion!
My mother gets called this, I believe it’s spelled this way. I'm not sure about it as a real name.
It's okay.
Dionne Quan is an American voice actress. She is the voice of Kimi Finster, a character from the cartoon television show Rugrats and its spinoff, All Grown Up!. She was first introduced in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She also has a regular role on The Fairly OddParents as Trixie Tang. In 2005, she voiced Yasmin in Bratz.
Dionne Julia Bromfield, a British soul singer-songwriter and TV presenter of British children's programme Friday Download.
I always thought this was related to Diana. I find it very interesting that it's related to Dionysos, a different god, instead.
Dionne Warwick is a famous singer. She won a Grammy in 1968 for her song "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"
Dionne is the name of a character on the show Clueless (1996) played by Stacey Dash.

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