It's not an elaboration, It's the Spanish form of the word. [noted -ed]
Divina is so beautiful ~ Ivi as a nickname, or Vivi is acceptable too.

Divina as a girl's name is of Latin and Italian origin meaning "divine or heavenly".

It's a vibrant, gorgeous, strong name, and sounds so feminine.
Sounds corny and pretentious. Diana is better.
What a gorgeous name! She sounds divine and sophisticated, and like a true beauty. Also a strong Christian name. Love this, I may even use it! Also I notice that whenever a name has Christian bearing, someone calls it trashy, which I find pitiful. People have lost their sense of Godly devotion... the name Divina is powerful, and people always hate on what is good.
Not very pretty, and reminds me of diva. Diana has the same meaning, and is much prettier.
The name Divina was given to 42 girls born in the US in 2015.
I felt the need to enlighten some of the commenters of this name. I have a friend named Divina, who is by no means "low-class" nor "trashy" (laughing out loud at this). The name is not an elaboration of an English word, it is Spanish. The translation of the name is divine, which if you look up the meaning means "of, from, or relating to a god; saintly, angelic"... Not a bad meaning at all. In my culture, families that are very religious use the name. Hope this shared some light on people who come across this name.
I'm surprised by all these "trashy" comments, since the only Divina I ever knew was a middle-aged woman from an upper class family.
This is just another trashy, ugly name best suited to someone in the porn industry. Someone with this name won't be taken seriously.
I agree with the above comments, only if it's pronounced di-VIEN-uh, with a long 'i' sound. However, I think the name becomes quite pretty if you pronounce it di-VEEN-uh, and then the 'divine' root isn't nearly so obvious (or obnoxious).
This name is all kinds of trashy.
Corny and flamboyant, thus embarrassing, and not something you'd score credibility points with.
I know a girl named "Divinia" and she says it's from the word "Divine".

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